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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Lies by T.M. Logan

Lies by T.M. Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publishing May 4, 2017
Bonnier Zaffre

You like fast pasted, engrossing thrillers with a touch of psychological chill? Here's your next read!

Poor Joe finds his wife at a hotel with his friend, Ben, who is clearly upset with her and Joe is completely confused as to what is going on. Joe confronts Ben when he's walking to his car which leads to an altercation rendering Ben unconscious. Leaving Ben on the pavement to tend to his son's asthma attack, he fights with his guilt until he decides to go back and check on him. Ben has disappeared and that's when the game begins.

I found this book to be extremely fast paced - I almost read it in one sitting but then life happened. It brings up social media and technology being a factor in corruption and manipulation, which I'm finding lately to be a theme among thrillers... and for good reason given this day and age. While this book trods along in an expected manner, it's the ending that threw me for a loop. I certainly did NOT see that coming and for that, a 5 star rating.

Big thanks to Bonnier Zaffre, T.M. Logan and NetGalley for this advanced copy in return for my honest opinion.

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