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Monday, April 3, 2017

Review: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A surprise of a young adult dystopia novel that I was not expecting.  What a fantastic book.  Need something that will grab your attention and keep you reading til the very end?  PICK THIS BOOK UP NOW!  Book 2, Perfect, publishes 4/4/17 and I'm diving right into it.

flawedadjectiveblemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way.
synonyms: faulty, defective, unsound, imperfect; (of a person) having a weakness in character.

A world where being flawed gets you branded with an F in a circle somewhere on your body to remind others to think before taking action. A different set of rules to live by and someone who watches over you consistently to make sure you're following them. Celestine North is perfect. She's logical, smart, doesn't draw attention to herself, has the perfect boyfriend and a set plan for life after high school. One random act of kindness to a Flawed changes her life forever. She will not repent, she will not life to save herself. Logically, nothing that is happening makes sense to her. She unknowingly, and unwillingly, becomes a symbol of hope for those who are Flawed, the unannounced leader in a silent rebellion against the Guild and holds more power now, without being Perfect, than she ever did when she thought she was.

"I am a girl of definitions, of logic, of black and white. Remember this."
Bringing in essences of The Scarlet Letter, segregation, bullying and basic human rights, this novel took me by surprise. I ended up reading it in one sitting, forcing myself to stay awake to see how it would end. While it has the trace elements of your typical YA dystopia novel, the author pulls no punches and keeps you engaged with every single turn of the page. By far one of the best I've read in this genre in a long time. Diving right into book two in 3...2....1......

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