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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Review: Pendulum by Adam Hamby

Pendulum by Adam Hamdy
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I read this with the Criminally Good Book Club (hosted by @keeperofpages, @b00ksinparadise and @spinatale) (#cgbookclub) on Bookstagram.  Even voted for it when we were choosing our reads for January and February this year.  I liked this book, but didn't love it.  I think my expectations may have just been a little too high.  But look at the cover - simplicity in it's finest.  And poor John Wallace - his story is absolutely nuts.  Get in and take a peek and let me know what YOU think!

You open your door to a stranger and wake up tied up with a noose being put over your head. You have no recollection of how you got there nor why it's happening. The beam breaks and you fall to your LIFE. Do not pass go, do not collection $200, pay to get out of jail, do NOT wait for doubles because if you do, you are DEAD. Run, run, RUN.

John Wallace doesn't know who he can trust or why this man is insistent on finding him and killing him. He has to lay low because every time he does entrust someone in trying to figure out this huge puzzle, they end up dead. How many times can he evade what seems to be the inevitable?

Quite the opening of a book - I was hooked from the first chapter. However, by the end I felt my mind wandering here and there and wasn't all that engaged. I can't pinpoint where the story lost me but when it did grab me, it GRABBED me. I had to keep reading to figure out exactly what it was about John Wallace that made him a victim. The reasons for the other victims seemed fairly clear, so what did he do?? I finally did get my answer but by the time it came to me, gifted in a neat little bow, I just reacted with an ah.. ok. 3.5 stars for me.

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