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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review: Killing Kate by Alex Lake

Killing Kate by Alex Lake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Harper Publishing
Paperback publishing 1/31/17    

Kate goes on holiday to Turkey with her best girlfriends as a get away after a rough break up with her boyfriend, Phil, who she had been with for 10 years. Upon her return, she learns of a killer in her hometown. After the second and then third murder, it becomes clear that the girls look eerily like her. Phil is acting erratically as he is not taking the break up well at all. His obsession with her and the fact that one of the girls he "dated" after her was one that was murdered does not bode well for him trying to prove his innocence. Are these just coincidences, or is something more happening? Past secrets come to play and now she is in a race to save not only herself but the people closest to her.

This was a very fast and fun read. I felt the plot twists were easy to see coming and my guesses were proven quite quickly. I did like the author's writing style in the fact that every time I had a question, it's like she read my mind and addressed it within the next few pages. Recommend for anyone wanting a page-turner of a one sit read.

Thank you to the author, Harper Publishing and Edelweiss for this advanced copy in return for my review.

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