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Monday, January 16, 2017

Review: Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer

Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've been blessed to have read so many good books so far this month!  This is no exception... what a roller coast ride.  If you like psychological thrillers and crime, I HIGHLY recommend this read. That prologue really did me in! LOVE.

People are going missing or popping up dead all over the place and DI Carter is put on the case to figure out if there is any connection and to find the killer. She is dealing with her own painful loss by diving into her work with this new case and her fitness - she can't feel anything more than the pain in her body while she's at the gym.

Abigail, married to a wonderful man and bringing up her beautiful daughter, Izzy, feels worn down with the changes in her life which begin to effect her marriage and her sanity. Someone is sending her cryptic notes telling her the truth needs to be told, secrets need to come out - or punishment will be delivered. They seem to know her every move and she doesn't know who she can trust anymore as her world falls apart around her.

The author has you hooked from the very beginning. The prologue is mouth dropping and you immediately need to know what's going to happen. She doesn't let you down for the rest of the book - it's fast paced, intriguing and full of surprises. Every time I thought I had an inkling of what might be going on, I would turn the page just to be proven wrong again. She puts you inside the mind of the killer and you become empathetic to their cause while still feeling for the people that are being harmed.

I will 100% be continuing this series. The mind of Carol Wyer is a terrifying place and I want to be put back in it. Love MJ Arlidge? You'll like this too.

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