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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

On the day Veronica buries her aunt, a baron saves her from abduction and takes her to London and into the care of a grumpy man by the name of Stoker. He trusts Stoker to watch over her as he takes off, promising to reveal some truths upon his return. He is murdered during his absence and Veronica and Stoker become an unlikely team while running from those after her, finding sanctuary with Stoker's friends, and revealing histories and plots that could change the course of history.

I typically am not the biggest fan of historical fictions but I absolutely loved this book. Veronica Speedwell is quite the sassy character and I envisioned her often as Vanessa's character from Penny Dreadful. Quick witted, strong, a woman against societal expectations while still holding on to her femininity. Stoker is a large, intimidating and reclusive man who clearly is highly intellectual and hides many talents behind his tattoos, scars and rough exterior. As their friendship grows, we learn of their histories, maladies and strengths that culminate into a charming determination. Highly recommend if you like mystery, intrigue, quick witted humor and touches of historical references. Will definitely be continuing this series.

★ ★  

historical fiction | mystery

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