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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia

We see from the point of view of three different people. Hattie, the high school senior actress who continually plays any part as she needs to, people pleasing yet manipulating, selfish and calculating, yet just being a teenager and trying to find her place in life. Her obsession and want ultimately leads to her death, but with so many people who have motives, who actually did the deed? Peter, the teacher who married young, stuck in a town he doesn't want to be in, with a wife who barely speaks to him and a temptation that eats at him more every day. Del, the law officer and family friend of Hattie's parents, trying to put all the pieces together and find the killer before Hattie's father takes the law into his own hands.

There is suspense, deception, manipulation, teen angst, obsession, varying degrees of love, family relationships, obligations and the ever day struggle people go through between trying to do what is expected and what should be done and giving into the id and every base desire. What actually makes you happiest in the end and at what cost? I really enjoyed this book—it kept me interested all the way through and the slight twist at the end didn't particularly shock, but I also didn't see it coming and I ran a dozen scenarios through my mind as I read. Recommend for an easy, entertaining suspenseful thriller that keeps you guessing.  (Publishes 1/3/17)

★ ★  

mystery | suspense | thriller | YA | contemporary

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