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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Not Dead by R.T. True hall

"This is not an ordinary vampire story." It certainly isn't! Ulysses is an asshole who, on his birthday, chases off his friends with his poor behavior and becomes "recruited" by Ellison, an 800-year-old vampire who explains how they live in their society, work and are not as Hollywood would present them. He makes mistakes that ultimately puts himself and his creator in trouble.

I was highly entertained throughout this book. Found myself giggling at humorous moments and the ending left me wondering what was going to happen. Will Ulysses succeed in his new role? The first half seems fairly long in the explanation of the vampire society and prepping Ulysses for his training. I was beginning to wonder where it was going and then he makes his mistake and there it is! For a debut novel, well executed and highly entertaining. I can only see the author's work getting better from here. Surely there's a second one coming out so we know what happens with Ulysses and Ellison? Hmmm...

★ ★  


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