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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Playing Dead by Elizabeth Greenwood

Is it possible to fake your death in this world where you leave your digital fingerprint everywhere you go? Is it even worth it for the consequences that could happen should you get caught? Elizabeth Greenwood explores the world of death fraud in this true crime book. As always, I consider truth to be stranger than fiction. As such, I found this to be quite the fascinating read. She delves into various interviews with people who have committed death fraud, whether it's better to actually commit "pseudocide" or just disappear. "Disappearing, even as Frank described the benefits, felt like yet another way to hedge. It sounded a little wishy-washy. Pseudocide, instead, was all backbone, total investment. Besides, it was just sexier than disappearing." While I have noticed throughout the years, that there are rumors that certain famous people who "died" were believed to still be alive, I don't think I ever really paid THAT much attention to it. In this section, pretty much dedicated to Michael Jackson and the believers who think he's still alive and the various reasons why was absolutely captivating. I'm quite certain that when I see any mention of people claiming people must still be alive, I'll be paying more attention.

I never knew death fraud was even really a thing—or committed as much as it is—and who knows how often this has actually been done as those who have been successful...well, we don't know about them, now do we? If you're going to do it, you have to FULLY commit. Truly a great read on what people will do when desperate. Haven't you ever thought what it would be like if you could disappear and just leave your old life behind? Would it really be everything you expected or do your problems just follow you? Welcome to the living dead, who really are.

★ ★  

true crime | non-fiction

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