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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Review: Shadow of the Vulture by Regina L. Garza Mitchell

Shadow of the Vulture
by Regina L. Garza Mitchell

Thanks so much to Death's Head Press and Night Worms for the continued Splatter Western love!

Publisher: Death's Head Press
Publish Date: March 20, 2021
Kindle Edition
110 Pages
Series: Splatter Western #9
Genres: Horror, Western

As Americans move west towards their manifest destiny, they disrupt lives, steal, and murder. What happens when that brutality clashes with witchcraft and the supernatural in the small town of Soledad?

A powerful witch goes to the extreme to protect the land. A young woman weaves protective spells into clothing, but what she wants to do more than anything, is soar with the vultures. An ex-soldier accompanied by her dead friend looks for another battle to fight and will do anything to make the American invaders pay in the bloodiest ways possible. When they come together, Texas will never be the same. Power clashes between witches, warriors, brutes and innocents, and over it all hovers the shadow of the vulture.

My Review:

"I am clothed in the body of my enemies."

My absolute new favorite in this series. Did I want more? Absolutely!  Did I get a lot in just under 100 pages? Damn skippy I did.  As much as the books in this series have been a lot of fun and full of blood and gore, what we get with SHADOW OF THE VULTURE is some of that but with a lot less.... fun.  For me, it completely worked.  I read this over breakfast this morning (you too can read splatter horror while eating, I promise! 😏) and completely fell in love with Juana, Analisa, the old woman, the many characters that weren't assholes, some that were and of course, the fucking vultures. 

"Could you blame a demon for being born any more than you could blame a vulture for eating the dead?"

The violence in this book is hard to read because it's not just fun splatter, it is more emotional and with depth and I'm not gonna lie - I certainly found myself smiling more than a few times while Juana was doing her thing.  And my heart went out to the women who had been raped and raising their children who remind them of one of their most horrific times.  How do you reconcile the innocence of the kids who didn't ask to be born to the women who can't find love in their heart for them due to the circumstance in which they were brought to the world?  My heart.

I love the strong women and the different perspective we get as we see through their eyes.  I feel this is a necessary component to have in this series and am THRILLED to see it.  I would love to see the story continued but that's just a nod to the the great story telling.  While I have a love/hate relationship with short stories/novellas, this is all LOVE LOVE LOVE... with a side of satiating bloody goodness.


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