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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Review: House of Crows by Lisa Unger

House of Crows
by Lisa Unger

Huge thanks to Amazson Publishing for this free series of one of my all time favorite authors.

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Publish Date: May 17, 2021
Kindle Edition
Series: House of Crows #1-4
Genre: Thriller


What really happened to the girl who walked into the woods and vanished forever? It's a never-forgotten mystery that clings like a shadow in a short story about dark memories and inescapable fears.

For disgraced professor Matthew Merle, the inheritance of his grandfather's crumbling mansion is both a burden and an offer of safe haven. His childhood friend Claire, a psychiatrist, desperately needs a haven of her own after one of her patients unleashes his dark side. At turning points in their lives, it's inevitable that they should return to the past. And to Merle House. It's been waiting for them.


A grief-stricken spiritualist thought his faith in life after death was broken. Until the ghosts of his past come calling in this short story of believing in what can’t be seen.

Driven by an uncanny mystery from his youth, Ian Randall became a “spiritual cleanser,” ridding disturbances from homes. But his belief in the beyond was challenged by his wife’s death. Merle House, the root of Ian’s obsession, could change that. The woods are restless again. Maybe here, Ian will find what he needs—if he’s willing to make a deal with the dark.


Is it a hoax, or is it something unspeakably real? In this short story about evil games and spiraling secrets, whatever bargain you strike, there's a price to be paid.

Mason Brandt dropped out of seminary and found a job at a spiritual center offering guidance to troubled teens. Mason was on himself years ago - a suspect in a young girl's disappearance. When a female student is found murdered. Mason is dogged by suspicion and flees. He hopes Merle House will offer him sanctuary once again.


What's drawn four damaged people back to haunted land? The answer could destroy them all in a gripping short story about trapped memories and the lies we tell ourselves.

Matthew, Claire, and Mason haven't been back to Merle House since the summer they were sixteen. They tried for years to put their history behind them, to forget the mystery of the girl who vanished so long ago. But a powerful force from their past is still at play. This time, there's no hiding from it.

All 4 stories are a part of House of Crows, a four-part serial about friends with a shared history of darkness. They've spent their lives running, but they can no longer hide from the past. Each story can be read or listened to in a single haunted sitting.

My Review:

All I have done since I woke up this morning is read this series.  Sigh, I just love Lisa Unger. We get this very atmospheric and creepy vibe in part #1, followed by a bit of levity layered with suspense and Slender Man vibes but with the Dark Man in part #2, ouija boards and chilly games in part #3, ending with revelations wonder in part #4.  You want it, you've got it!

I love how quick each read was and how I felt like I was going backwards and forwards at the same time... which I know sounds weird but it's delicious fun.  I just could NOT STOP.  I really can't way much without spoiling things but this is quite the ride.  Not only was there this.... nope, can't say that....  hmm.  I really loved that... Nope, can't say that either. Y'all! This is hard.

Ok, Unger, as you know (and if you don't - go remedy that immediately), is AMAZING at setting the very creepy and suspenseful atmosphere that lends to the perfect read for this rainy, gloomy day.  Talk about mood setting (thanks Nature!).  Drawing readers in immediately and keeping them wondering - you'll have a lot of fun with this one.  Just remember, you can't hide from the past forever and sometime evil just needs an excuse to show face... so be careful out there, readers.  Caw caw.


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