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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Review: It Had To Be You by Georgia Clark

It Had To Be You
by Georgia Clark

Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Publish Date: May 4, 2021
Kindle Edition
381 Pages
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

For the past twenty years, Liv and Eliot Goldenhorn have run In Love in New York, Brooklyn’s beloved wedding-planning business. When Eliot dies unexpectedly, he even more unexpectedly leaves half of the business to his younger, blonder girlfriend, Savannah. Liv and Savannah are not a match made in heaven, to say the least. But what starts as a personal and professional nightmare transforms into something even savvy, cynical Liv Goldenhorn couldn’t begin to imagine.

It Had to Be You cleverly unites Liv, Savannah, and couples as diverse and unique as New York City itself, in a joyous Love-Actually-style braided narrative. The result is a smart, modern love story that truly speaks to our times. Second chances, secret romance, and steamy soul mates are front and center in this sexy, tender, and utterly charming rom-com.

My Review:

Even if you and your husband didn't have the perfect marriage, I think you'd still be furious to know he left half of your business to his much younger mistress.  Doesn't matter that she thought he was separated, right?  But yes, Liv.... Savannah certainly does seem to be more shiny red car and less manipulative mistress for sure.

I definitely had some laughing moments in this read.  I got exactly what I wanted from this.  Laughter, love, forgiveness, moving on, family, etc.  I do wish there had been less characters and movement in story lines because while I did manage to follow along, I felt our protagonist getting lost somewhere along the way.  However, gimme all these lovely different couples... YES and THANK YOU.  We should all know that it's never too late to start again, in life or in love.

Simply, this is a heart warming story with levity, hope and a bit of snarky goodness.  


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