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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Review: The Girl in the Video by Michael David Wilson

The Girl in the Video 
by Michael David Wilson

Publisher: Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Publish Date: April 28, 2020
108 Pages
Genre: Horror

After a teacher receives a weirdly arousing video, his life descends into paranoia and obsession. More videos follow - each containing information no stranger could possibly know. But who's sending them? And what do they want? The answers may destroy everything and everyone he loves.

The Girl in the Video is The Ring meets Fatal Attraction for the iPhone generation.

My Review:

"Tell me what you like."

A super quick and fun read on the perils of social media.  In this digital age, pretty much all of your information is out there... whether it's voluntary or not.  And when someone can stalk you from the comfort of their home... how creepy is THAT?!

Lesson learned: never click on a link sent to you from someone you don't know.  I feel like this should be common sense but curiosity doesn't just kill the cat. I really loved how this one quickly spiraled.  I mean, as a novella you expect it to go fast but the pacing of this was exactly the speed I needed.  Some super creepy moments where I wish it got even MORE creepy.  I think I kept expecting it to go one way and it didn't quite cross that line. 

If you need a quick, hair-raising story to read, then I do highly recommend this one. Weirdly though, for me, the wife was the creepiest thing about this story  and I would've liked just a little more meat to the short pages of the ending.  However, I def did get the goosies and would love to read more creepy/video horror.


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