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Friday, November 6, 2020

Review: Go Down Hard by Ali Seay

Go Down Hard 
by Ali Seay

Thank you to Grindhouse Press and Night Worms for this gifted review book!

Publisher: Grindhouse Press
Publish Date: November 13, 2020
166 Pages
Genre: Horror

What if a victimized woman decided to be a silent guardian angel for other women and turn the tables on predatory men? What if she stumbled into the hunting grounds of a cocky serial killer while looking for her own private murder den? What if a confident killer met his match in the form of a jean-clad, whiskey-swigging stranger in an hour glass-shaped package - and she made him want things - things he’s far too superior to want?

When predator meets predator, the only question is: Is the attraction they feel to bed one another... or kill one another?

Meg isn’t expecting to catch Jack red-handed with his most recent victim. Jack isn’t expecting Meg to come busting through his front door while chasing her current prey. Now that each recognizes a fellow killer, what urge will win - kiss or kill?

My Review:

I think Meg and Jack are my new favorite "couple".  I could listen to their banter and watch their very unique dance for ages.  At 155 pages, this story gives you all the predatory goodness you didn't know you were missing.

What us readers get is a beautifully demented story of two people who have met their match and quite frankly, I was rooting for them both.  Very reminiscent to me of Crouch's serial killer uncut series and I LOVE that series.  This book crescendos page by page and I couldn't get enough.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall for the next date that's coming up.  I'm struggling to put into words the love I have for this story without spoiling anything.

So how about you come over after you've read this and we can discuss?  I'll put some ribeyes on the grill.  Whiskey is optional. 😉

**My ONLY disappointment is that the cover looks like it shows a bloody pool cue and as a competitive pool player, I was waiting to see when any part of that would enter the story.  Sadly, it doesn't and now my photo on Bookstagram doesn't make the sense I'd hoped it would.... 🤣.... but honestly, I don't even care.  I just want more of these characters please. Cheers, Meg.  I've got all the whiskey you need.  EDIT:  Apparently I've been told that's actually a skinny bat (which I never knew existed btw and it DOES look like a pool cue dammit) but now it makes more sense. I'm just gonna leave this here and own it. 


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