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Monday, November 2, 2020

Review: The Boy in the Woods by Scott Thomas

The Boy in the Woods 
by Scott Thomas

Thank you Inkshares and Night Worms for this gifted book.

Publisher: Inkshares
Publish Date: October 31, 2020
Kindle Edition
90 Pages
Genre: Horror

Today was supposed to be Eddie Reicher's last day at summer camp. But when his parents can't make it to pick him up, Eddie must spend one more night at Camp Cottonwood. At first he's thrilled. Not only does he get to hang out with the older counsellors, but his secret crush is staying over until morning too. Best of all, the other campers - the ones who mercilessly made fun of Eddie's disfigured face - are long gone.

But as the sun sets, an unholy terror creeps in. Something evil has infected the counsellors, and Eddie will have to do everything he can - even kill - if he hopes to survive the night.

My Review:

Summer Camps seemed always equal parts fun and frightening.  As someone who has been reading horror since I was a teeny little thing, I could put a scary tinge to just about anything.... and especially so to camp scenarios... and the more horror stories I hear/read about these camps, the happier I get that I never attended one.  Thomas, who brought us Kill Creek and Violet, now brings us this novella about Camp  Cottonwood, and let's just say it has helped to nudge the equal parts of fun and frightening to the more frightening scale.

Kids are mean, annoying, spirited, blunt, resilient and malleable.  Eddie is bullied because of a disfigured face so staying another night at Camp because his parents couldn't make it to pick him up on time isn't the ideal scenario, but at least most of the kids are gone... right?  Thomas does a great job of putting us inside Eddie's head and bringing us to the summer camp atmosphere.  Which, quite frankly, is always fun to read because you knoooooow some shit is going to go down... and it certainly does here.

I won't go into too much detail as this novella only spans 90 pages, but I'll certainly remain phantom itchy for a while and wonder about that ending. 😉 With Cabin Fever vibes and damp forest smells, let Thomas transport you back to young summer nights and be extra careful when that sun goes down.  Can someone please scratch my back for me?


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