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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Review: #SkinandBlisters by Linh Le James

by Linh Le James

Thank you to the author for this copy!

Publish Date: July 1, 2020
Kindle Edition
400 Pages
Series: #Toots #2
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Jess drives herself insane, trying to prove her husband's affair. Timing his trips to the shops? Check. Looking for burners in the toilets' cistern? Check. Can she stop herself before she breaks her own marriage?

Louise pretends to be vegan, spiritual, and teetotal. Only vino and fags can ease the stress of wedding preparations, but she bravely decides to give up on her vices. Can she turn into a saint before her fiancé finds out who she really is?

Carla is falling for her very young assistant. Will she follow her heart or her head?

Emily is a magnet for psychos and losers. Her new, normal, seemingly-nice boyfriend asks for a break. Will she get back with him? Or at him?

If things can go wrong, they will. Luckily, there's nothing that cocktails, lousy sisterly advice, and friendship can't fix.

My Review:

This story continues from book one, #Toots and once again we get these women that I still want to throttle.. but am also finding myself invested in. Dang it. They got me! ;)

Definitely some more laugh out loud moments - especially in the situations of misunderstandings. Oh my. I am laughing again just thinking about them. I do appreciate all the humor thrown in as these women tend to be annoying with their insecurities! But again, you grow to love these quirky characters. Some of the dialogue felt a little bit stilted at times and it took a little bit to get used to the writing style. Sometimes it felt like the character was speaking right to me and telling me exactly what was happening rather than showing me. The decided times throughout the day of location and activities happening.... HOWEVER, once I got used to this, I quite liked the cadence of how the story was being laid out.

If you're looking for a quick read full of entertainment and crazy women, this is the pick up that you need. I do recommend starting with book one, #Toots, as it'll help lay the foundation for these characters.

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