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Friday, May 29, 2020

Review: Fly For Both Of Us by E. Mellyberry

Fly For Both Of Us 
by E. Mellyberry 

Thank you so much to the author for this copy.

Publish Date: March 3, 2020
346 Pages
Genre: Contemporary

Fifteen-year-old Ben Leung can’t believe a girl like Kai Gupta would want to be his friend, let alone his girlfriend. They have absolutely nothing in common. He’s Chinese; she’s British Indian. He’s a Star Trek nerd; she’s a model.

When Kai is offered a modeling career that requires her to move overseas, she persuades Ben to come along. They hatch a plot. They pinky promise.
Everything is running according to plan… until it isn’t.

Can a young love survive 7,235 miles between Hong Kong and Los Angeles?
Theoretically, it can.

My Review:

First things first - I'm pretty sure you cannot read this book and walk away NOT hungry! OMG, I need a surprise-here's-your-lunch date(s)!  But honestly I'm more like Ben, I like what I like and this would also terrify me!

What a delightful read.  This spans a few years as the force of first love gets torn apart when one flies to potentially fulfill a dream while the other stays behind.  Both lives change dramatically and as we all very well know, long distance is just HARD.  But that first love *always* sticks to you in one way or the other.  Especially when it's saturated with heartache.

Itt took a little bit to get used to the writing style and particulars in dialogue but once I was used to that, it became SUCH a part of the book that I smiled at all the quirkiness.  And uff….. I became so involved with Kai and Ben and rooted for them the entire way.  And I love how the author took us on this journey - dealing with culture, loyalty, family, first loves, heartaches, forgiveness and the true meaning of being there and taking care of someone.

OH Mellyberry, you're making my heart melt.


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