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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Review: Nocturnal Farm by Villimey Mist @VillimeyS

Nocturnal Farm 
by Villimey Mist

Thank you so much to the author for this copy. 
The second book in the Nocturnal Series - see my review for Nocturnal Blood HERE.

Publish Date: January 27, 2020
Kindle Edition
292 Pages
Series: Nocturnal #2
Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Vampires

Leia Walker has been training to protect her family from vampires ever since her best friend died six months ago. That humans are disappearing all over Europe is a distant worry—

Until her little brother goes to Amsterdam, meets a Sangue—a vampire familiar—and disappears.

Leia knows she can’t save him alone. To bring him home, she must take up arms with the Owls, a group of vampire hunters, without her vampire protectors or the Owls becoming aware of each other.

Under Amsterdam’s streets, she discovers dark secrets, a vampire who is immune to sunlight, and a threat that turns humankind and vampires alike into feral killers.

Can Leia hold on to her belief that everybody can be saved while she fights to bring her brother home—

Or will she end up as a human blood bag on the farms? 

My Review:

It's been a little over a year since I read Nocturnal Blood that, to be honest, I forgot that this was book two in the Nocturnal series.  *face palm*  But when the author offered me the book for review, I remembered the first book and was excited to read more from her.  As I'm reading, I'm like "hey hey - these characters seem SO familiar.... OMG THIS IS BOOK TWO - YESSSS!"  (Listen y'all, it's been a rough beginning of the year, ok?)

It seems that the author has found her voice! We are back with Leia Walker (still LOVE her name) dealing with the aftermath of some loss from book one.  Still ever the loner with her OCD and anxiety issues, she's trying to better herself as best as she can.  But then her brother goes missing in Amsterdam, and it's off to the Netherlands we go go... where the vampires are a little bit more liberal in their "activities".  

I really had such a fun time with this read.  The introduction to new characters, new pieces laid down for upcoming books... and I do love me a good hunter. *wink*  I will say that while this was mostly predictable, I am impressed with the improvement from book one to two in the story telling.  I am eager to see where this will go!  Especially now that.... well, you'll just have to read these to find out.  If you like vampire books at all, you'll love following Leia on her journey.  While Nocturnal Blood laid down a foundation, Nocturnal Farm gets us into the juicy insides.  Come feed.
Seven claps. Bring on Nocturnal Salvation - I'm READY. 


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