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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#ATBR2020 Review: Kill Sleep Repeat by Britney King @britneyking_ @jessmapreviews

Kill Sleep Repeat 
by Britney King

Publish Date: January 16, 2020
Publisher: Hot Banana Press
Kindle Edition
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Several times a week, Charlotte Jones leaves suburbia behind and boards a chartered flight to parts unknown, where she wraps her hands around the necks of marks for just as long as she has to.

Then she goes back to domestic life with a paycheck, defense wounds, and the sense that she can handle anything.

Which is good, because being a wife, mother, and sociopath, with an insatiable taste for murder, gives the term work-life balance new meaning. When one life unexpectedly bleeds into the other, leading to a secret admirer and borderline insta-fame, Charlotte is forced to ask herself if she really can have it all.

My Review:

"There are three rules.  More than that, but three main ones: Stay focused.  Remain in character.  Don't get murdered."

This is my SEVENTH book by Britney and each one has been a binge read of fast paced twisty goodness that I can never seem to put down.  If I'm turning that first page, I know I better clear the next few hours because I'm not stopping.  Nope.  Not gonna.  This was EXACTLY what I needed.  After not finishing one book and being disappointed by my last read, I just knew Britney would bring me back where I needed to be.  And so it shall be done.  

This book starts off at a sprint and never stops.  Charlotte is a FUN (albeit psychopathic) character and I adore her!  I feel like her and Victoria Helen Stone's Jane Doe could be besties - you know, if these types of characters actually had friends.  😉  Charlotte is just bad ass.  King did an excellent job with her character.  I think I need more Charlotte. 

It's SO hard to really talk a lot about this book without giving anything away.  Charlotte has a very dangerous job while juggling home life with her boring husband and two daughters.  There are some issues and I have questions as this book speeds along with a quickness that I had to flip back pages a couple of times to see if I missed anything.  However, it's reading with an adrenaline rush!  At one point I thought, "Ok, break after this chapter to take care of x, y and z."  And then that chapter ends with a revelation I was NOT expecting and nope, I was done.  HAD. TO. FINISH.  I'm a mixture of WHY Charlotte to HELL YEAH at the ending but either way, swiped that last page with a huge smile on my face.

Suspend a bit of reality, strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride.  Britney's done it again and I, for one, am utterly addicted to her.  OPEN READ REPEAT.


Jessica's Review:

So I'm a little late to reading Britney King - I've read only one of her previous releases, SOCIAL AFFAIR, and I absolutely loved it! I also have her Bedrock series sitting on my shelves (looks like they're getting moved up in the TBR!). KILL, SLEEP, REPEAT is the definition of a binge read. Once you open this one up you just won't be able to stop tapping through the pages.

This one was dark, twisted, gory, and graphic in all the right ways. Charlotte is a married, mother of two daughters, and works as a flight attendant, sounds like a pretty normal life, right? Well, this is a thriller, nothing is ever as it seems. What no one knows is that Charlotte is also a trained killer, and an incredible one at that. We aren't supposed to like the murderers in the story, but damn, Charlotte was such a great character! I will say that this one isn't for the faint of heart as there are some fairly graphic scenes in the book, but it all works so well for the progression of the story.

I need more King in my life and I will be picking up the books that have been waiting on my shelves from her immediately. If you're wanting a book to grab you and not let go from start to finish, then this is the psychological thriller for you! Plenty of action, short chapters, and the author keeps you guessing - King has become an auto-buy for me!

5 stars

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