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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#ATBR2020 Review: Salem's Lot by Stephen King #chronologicallyking @jessmapreviews @kamiskorner

Salem's Lot
by Stephen King

Publisher: Doubleday
Publish Date: May 6, 2008 (originally published October 17, 1975)
Kindle Edition
451 Pages
Genres: Horror, Paranormal

Author Ben Mears returns to 'Salem's Lot to write a book about a house that has haunted him since childhood only to find his isolated hometown infested with vampires.  While the vampires claim more victims, Mears convince a small group of believers to combat the undead.

My Review:

Don't bite me just because I only gave this one 3 stars!  I remember reading this as a child and thinking to myself, "OMG when is something going to actually happen?!" and also thinking King is way too overly detailed sometimes. Now, to be honest, I did giggle a bit at the fact that it took up to 45% through the read for something to actually happen.  However, I will say that while I still think he CAN be overly detailed (fight me), I do appreciate that these all develop the characters and give you a detailed imaging of the world he is creating.

Also, I had to also giggle at the fact that King used a "that's what she said" joke which just reminds us of how long this joke has been around.  Did Mr. Straker and his shop remind anyone else a little bit of Leland Guant? Just me? 

Listen, I'm a huge King fan and am always impressed with his writing.  And as a King fan I have my likes and dislikes of his work.  I also think that as you read a lot by one author, you determine how you feel based on how you may have felt about another piece of said author's work.  I still have a lot of love for this book but I don't think I'd reread it another time.  I am glad that I did see how it resonated now compared to as when I was a kid.  A better appreciation of the build and story, but still not my favorite.


Jessica's Review:

This was a reread for me - the first time being over a decade ago, so it was definitely due to be revisited for me. Like a few other King books, 'SALEM'S LOT is one that I remember but I don't remember it well. The main thing I did recall about this book was that it was a little slower for me when I first picked it up, and of course, Vampires. This time around I think that I did enjoy it a little more than I originally did, probably because I can now appreciate some of the character development that King put into this book that was definitely lost on me when I first read it.

Remembering how scary Vampires used to be, and should still be, 'SALEM'S LOT was a King book that deserved a revisit. While I'm not always one to reread books (minus a couple), I am happy that I decided to join in on this chronological readathon this year. I knew there are going to be some that I end up not enjoying as much as I remember but there will also be books, like this one, that get a new chance and appreciation.

It does take awhile for the action to really start here, maybe around the 50ish percent mark, but you'll come to love the build up and foundation that King creates in the first half. If you want a little more action and less intricate detailing, then I would say this might be one you won't love as much. It is a classic King and still stands the test of time, but definitely won't be for every reader (even the diehard fans).

4 stars

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