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Saturday, March 10, 2018

REVIEW: Revelation by Carter Wilson @iamcarterwilson @oceanviewpub

by Carter Wilson

Big shout out to Oceanview Publishing and Edelweiss for this copy in return for my honest opinion.
After reading Mister Tender's Girl not too long ago, I went on a hunt for Carter Wilson books and came across this one.  He's not an absolute auto-buy author for me. 
Guys and gals - go check him out ASAP!

Publisher:  Oceanview Publishing
Published:  December 13, 2016
Kindle Edition
368 Pages
Genres:  Psychological Thriller, Cult Psychology

Goodreads Synopsis:

When Harden Campbell wakes cold and beaten in a dirt-floor cell, he finds only three other things in the room with him: the mutilated body of his good friend, an ancient typewriter, and a stack of blank paper, the top sheet of which has a single, typed sentence.

"Tell me a story."

He knows the message is from Coyote, his brilliant, megalomaniacal roommate whose lust for power and reverence has recently revealed him for the true sociopath he is. Now, as the founder of a new religion with disturbing roots Revelation Coyote's most evil side has emerged. From the moment Harden sees that stack of paper, he knows his one chance of escape is through his own words, and only his ability to successfully recount the dark story of what happened over the past year at Wyland University will determine whether he lives to see the woman he loves once again or is silenced forever.

This will be the most difficult story Harden has ever written, and each word must be chosen with the utmost care. Because Coyote will be reading each and every one of them."

My Review:

I have an absurd obsession with anything to do with cults.  I'm always fascinated with how easily it seems people will follow something that serves a purpose in their life and how someone who is sociopathic can give off this magnetic personality and prey on those who need something like this in their life.  And really, how far off is religion from cult?  Ok, Ok, let's not get into a big debate here.  But fascinating, isn't it?  

In this book, Wilson introduces us to Harden.  A good guy who typically sits in the background.. not quite a leader but not quite a follower either.  Someone who completely fascinates Coyote, this narcissist maniac who lives to consume people. They get into a discussion about religion and Harden writes an essay about this.. what would it take to get someone to follow someone else.  We see new "religions" popping up quite frequently these days... Kabbalah, Scientology, etc...  why not bring another one to the surface and see what happens.  I'M SO INTRIGUED.  And so Coyote now has a mission.  

The book starts out with Harden waking up in a dirty cell with one direction:  "Tell me a story".  So he begins to write.  He starts with how him and Coyote met and his version of what happened from that point to the point he wakes up in his cell.  I absolutely loved the back and forth - from Harden's story to his time in this dungeon of a cell he's been sequestered to.  

I had started this on the train yesterday as it was too crowded on the train to pull out my paperback.  I could NOT stop reading this book. If there's one thing I'm finding about Wilson is that his writing is ADDICTING.  Honestly you guys, if you haven't read him yet, get right on that. And if that's not enough to sway you, then get this one strictly for his recipe for the perfect margarita! 😉


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