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Friday, March 2, 2018

REVIEW: Bone Music by Christopher Rice @amazonpub @chrisricewriter

Bone Music
by Christopher Rice

A huge shout out to Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer for this first-in-a-series book.
HOLY WOW - what a ride!!!  You simply MUST put this on your TBR... it's available NOW!

Publisher:  Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer
Published:  March 1, 2018
440 pages
Series:  Burning Girl #1
Genre:  Thriller, Mystery, Science Fiction

Goodreads Synopsis:

There’s more than one way to stoke the flames of revenge…

Charlotte Rowe spent the first seven years of her life in the hands of the only parents she knew—a pair of serial killers who murdered her mother and tried to shape Charlotte in their own twisted image. If only the nightmare had ended when she was rescued. Instead, her real father exploited her tabloid-ready story for fame and profit—until Charlotte finally broke free from her ghoulish past and fled. Just when she thinks she has buried her personal hell forever, Charlotte is swept into a frightening new ordeal. Secretly dosed with an experimental drug, she’s endowed with a shocking new power—but pursued by a treacherous corporation desperate to control her.

Except from now on, if anybody is going to control Charlotte, it’s going to be Charlotte herself. She’s determined to use the extraordinary ability she now possesses to fight the kind of evil that shattered her life—by drawing a serial killer out from the shadows to face the righteous fury of a victim turned avenger.

My Review:

"They didn't plan to kill my mother."

First line, first page.  Instantly hooked.  Serial killers who can't bring themselves to kill a baby and raise her as their own.  Until they're caught seven years later and she's returned to her birth father... who exploits her story for fame and money.  So she changes her name, finds a new place to live off the grid... trying desperately to put this all behind her.  But someone just won't let her!

I absolutely fell in love with this book.  Christopher Rice writes with such ease.  There are bits of a different POVs but mostly we see through Charlotte's eyes.  How much of a normal life can one have after a childhood like the one she had?  Especially with the reasoning behind her (unwanted) nickname, Burning Girl.  Rice writes her with such realness - she's hardened, paranoid, anxious and SMART.  I became so engrossed that I was reading this book everywhere I went.  Luckily I remembered to look up before crossing a street otherwise my ghost would be writing this review!  

I didn't expect the sci-fi portion of this thriller but it's done in exactly the way that I like - technology and medicine!  Though there is ONE point at the end that I couldn't figure out.. it didn't make sense but it's seriously SUCH a minimal thing that I'm just gonna brush it aside and see if it gets answered or changed in upcoming books, because you better believe I'm continuing this series!  I also wish I had more background to the Mask Maker!  I do enjoy getting into the head of the bad guy.  😈  As this is the first in the series, I think we are getting the full set up on Charlotte, her "crew" and the baseline for where the next books in the series will go and I expect we will get more of the nitty gritty in future books.  Either way, this was quite the ride and I'm tickled bloody red that this was my first book for March.  

Don't let the 400+ pages intimidate you if you are apt to stay away from the "larger" reads - this reads fast.  Once you pick it up, the next thing you know, you're halfway through.  Just for the sheer pleasure I had in reading this with each and every single page, I'm giving this a full 5 stars.  Put this one on your TBR stack and then come to me so we can discuss!


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