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Friday, March 9, 2018

REVIEW: Behind a Closed Door by Adele O'Neill #ariafiction #adeleoneill

Behind a Closed Door
by Adele O'Neill

Thanks so much to Aria and Netgalley for this copy in return for my honest opinion.

Publisher:  Aria
Published:  March 1, 2018
Kindle Edition
281 Pages
Genres:  Domestic Suspense, Thriller

Goodreads Synopsis:

What if everything in your life was a lie? An emotionally tense story of love, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Perfect for the fans of Louise Jenson.
DUBLIN - For the past two years Jill Ryan has tried to keep her darkest secrets deeply buried and remain relatively anonymous. Haunted by her tragic past and struggling to keep her life together, Jill soon realises that the last person she can trust is herself.
KILKENNY - Only Heather Martin knows the lengths her husband will go to teach her a lesson and Heather has had enough. Faced with the impossible choice of saving herself or staying to care for her ailing father, Heather has a choice to make. But does she have what it takes to survive?
When Detectives Louise Kennedy in Dublin and Tony Kelly in Kilkenny begin to investigate, their dark discoveries collide unravelling a complex web of secrets that stretch far and wide.
My Review:

I'm always intrigued by domestic suspense and thriller books.  Sometimes they are done RIGHT, like the book with a similar name, Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris, and sometimes they tend to fall flat.  Unfortunately, this latter was the case with this novel.

We have two separate timelines - one as the woman is going through the violent relationship with her husband and her path to getting away.  The other, the same woman in the aftermath, living under a different name and unsure as to whether her husband is actually dead or not.

I found this book to be extremely predictable and we never get to any type of climax.  It's not bad... it's just straight lined and nothing new to those of us who read this genre a lot.  Due to this, really this is more about the victim, Jill/Heather and her emotional roller coaster of guilt, remorse, paranoia and PTSD.  The "thrill" of the book just isn't there. I also found that the author is extremely wordy and it could be repetitive at times.  

This one just didn't work for me. 


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