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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#CJSReads REVIEW: I Call Upon Thee by Ania Ahlborn @aniaahlborn @simonschuster

I Call Upon Thee
by Ania Ahlborn
Simon & Schuster

I read this back in October and let me tell you all, it's creepy, fantastic and as a novella, packs a whole book PUNCH!  My ladies of #CJSReads are also Ania fans - see our full thoughts below.

Also! Ania's two novellas, I Call Upon Thee and The Pretty Ones are now available for preorder - we can finally get hard copies - YAY!!!  Preorder HERE!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Maggie Olsen had a pretty ordinary childhood—swimming and sleepovers, movie nights and dad jokes. And then there were the other things…the darker things…the shadow that followed her home from the cemetery and settled into the corners of her home, refusing to let her grow up in peace.

Now, after three years away from the place she's convinced she inadvertently haunted, and after yet another family tragedy strikes, Maggie is forced to return to the sweltering heat of a Savannah summer to come to terms with her past. All along, she's been telling herself, it was just in your head, and she nearly convinces herself that she'd imagined it all. But the moment Maggie steps into the foyer of her family home, she knows. The darkness is still here. And it's been waiting for Maggie's return….

My Review:

Creeeeeeeeeeeepy!  I think this might be one of my favorite novellas to date.  I feel like we have all at one point or another in our childhood have played with dolls and Ouija boards.  I think the difference is whether this experience propelled us into the dark and macabre love that I have, or chased us in the opposite direction, arms flailing and constantly being all bright and glittery and happy... or whatever it is that's the opposite of me.  

Ania does it again.  Pulls you right in and doesn't let you go.  It's like each word comes off the page and sinks it's teeth right into you until you absorb each chapter.  I promised myself I'd finish this novella last night so I could have some kind of closure and then I remember that I've read all her books before and well, that's not likely to happen regardless.  So I finished this morning, in the day light, where it's safe.. until I walked by the bathroom mirror and jumped at my own reflection.  Damn you, Ania!! **shakes fist**

I think this one really got to me because of my own experiences I had as a kid when I was obsessed with Ouija boards, found my hatred for dolls of all kinds and had some super creepy moments of my own that I'm still going to say was nightmares or my imagination.  To read Ania's Author Note at the end about her own experiences and how this novella came about just gave my goose bumps their own goose bumps.  

Basically it's this, readers... if you love Ania already, you won't be disappointed with this novella.  If you haven't read her yet - well, what are you waiting for?  Need a suggestion on where to start?  Come talk to me!  


Jessica's Review:

The #CJSReads trio has been on a roll lately with reading Ania Ahlborn, so we kept the momentum going with her newest novella, I CALL UPON THEE. If you find dolls unnerving and Ouija boards terrifying, then this will be the perfect storm for your nightmares.

As many know, I love me a good short story or novella. I have huge respect for the authors that can pack a punch in a small scale novel. Just like with all her other novels, this one is woven so perfectly that it leaves you terrified. I don't know how she continues to do it! We follow Maggie and bounce between the present after her sister's death and her flashbacks to childhood.
Despite dolls and Ouija Boards serving as pretty common elements in horror, but it felt fresh and Ania brought the fear factor to a whole other level. I don't want to give away too much more, with this being a novella you should experience it all!
Overall, if you love Ania Ahlborn, then you definitely should already have this on your TBR. If you haven't picked up any of her novels yet, then this novella is the perfect way to get acquainted with her. Careful, it'll grab you and not let go!
I give this 5/5 stars!

Sam's Review:

Anyone who frequents Clues and Reviews knows that I am completely obsessed with Ania Ahlborn.  Her novels always keep me glued to the pages, holding on to the edge of my seat and looking over my shoulder.  Really, what more does anyone want in a horror novel,  am I right?

Since Ania Ahlborn is an “auto buy” author for me, I didn’t even pay attention to what her newest novella, I Call Upon Thee, was about until after I had already downloaded it to my Kindle.  Once I realized that it had a Ouija board at the core of the plot, I had to take some time to mentally prepare myself.  Ouija boards TERRIFY me. 

At 246 pages, this novella packs a serious punch.  Using a back and forth narration between the present after our protagonist, Maggie, heads home to help after the death of her sister and flashbacks to her childhood, Ahlborn weaves a terrifying tale.  Even small details (creepy niece, anyone?) had me on edge while I was reading.  That is one of my favourite things about her work; she is able to take regular, everyday occurrences and flip them into my worst nightmare.

Now that I have finished, all  I have to say is YIKES!

If you like a little fright in your reading, then I would say pick this one up!  I loved it. 

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