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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

REVIEW: Cemetery Girl by David Bell @DavidBellNovels @BerkleyPub @penguinrandom

Cemetery Girl by David Bell
Berkley Publishing

In anticipation of David Bell's newest novel, Bring Her Home, coming out in July, I thought I'd dive right into one of his books and make my first one Cemetery Girl.  I've just found another auto buy author me thinks - the book gods LOVE me (my wallet is starting to hate me though)! 🤣

Stay tuned for my blog tour stop for Bring Her Home next month!  In the mean time, see what I have to say about my first Bell.  

Tom and Abby's 12 year old daughter goes missing one day while walking her dog.  They both deal with her disappearance in different ways which takes a toll on their marriage.  Then one day, Caitlin is found.. but those 4 years has changed her.  She's sullen, rude and not the daughter they remember.  Tom desperately tries to find out what's going on but that's hard when his daughter makes him promise not to ask her about her time away.. and the answers he ends up finding is worse than anything his mind had imagined.

Just wow.  David Bell has a way of pulling you right into his world... and this one is through Tom's perspective as he struggles with his dying marriage, his daughter's return and his past grievances from his childhood.  We see the struggle of a father that will do anything, even at the expense of his own child, to find out the truth of what happened.  When is the knowledge of the unknown more important than justice?  How many lines would you cross to get the answers you think you need?  

Set at a somewhat slow to moderate pace, we get a deep look into the psyche of Tom as he slowly unravels.  While I usually like my books at a faster pace, I couldn't stop reading.  I turned page after page after page and work be damned, finished this in practically one sitting.  Very much looking forward to reading his other works.

Thanks so much to Berkley Publishing / Penguin Random House for this copy in return for my honest review.

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