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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#CJSReads REVIEW: Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica @marykubica @parkrowbooks

Every Last Lie
By Mary Kubica
Park Row Books

Another highly anticipated read for 2017 - Mary Kubica's writing style is exactly what I need and her ability to draw you into her characters rising her to the top of thriller authors.  A #CJSReads pick - see what we all thought (all 5 stars!!).

Synopsis from Goodreads:

"The bad man, Daddy. The bad man is after us." 
Clara Solberg's world shatters when her husband and their four-year-old daughter are in a car crash, killing Nick while Maisie is remarkably unharmed. The crash is ruled an accident…until the coming days, when Maisie starts having night terrors that make Clara question what really happened on that fateful afternoon. 
Tormented by grief and her obsession that Nick's death was far more than just an accident, Clara is plunged into a desperate hunt for the truth. Who would have wanted Nick dead? And, more important, why? Clara will stop at nothing to find out—and the truth is only the beginning of this twisted tale of secrets and deceit. 
Told in the alternating perspectives of Clara's investigation and Nick's last months leading up to the crash, master of suspense Mary Kubica weaves her most chilling thriller to date—one that explores the dark recesses of a mind plagued by grief and shows that some secrets might be better left buried. 

My Review:

Clara has a lot to deal with in life. She has a mother going deeper into the bowels of dementia, a 4-year-old daughter, Maisie, and a newborn son, Felix. She can do it all as long as she has her loving husband, Nick, by her side. Her world explodes when he gets into a car accident with her daughter and while he dies on impact, her daughter remains fairly unscathed. They tell her he was driving too fast and this is what caused his death. But Maisie keeps screaming about the "bad man" and reacts violently whenever she sees a black car. Why? Clara begins questioning what really happened as secrets begin to come out about the husband she thought she knew.

Ahhhh Mary Kubica, you sly genius, you. As usual, her books are told in alternating chapter format. She brings us Clara's present day view as she struggles to find answers and also Nick's view from the past, leading up the accident. Her fleshing out of each character is doing poignantly and you really empathize with both characters. While I felt the book was fairly predictable for the most part, I couldn't stop turning the pages. I needed to know if Clara was right and why Nick was holding secrets. This is a tale of marriage, grief, how your own mind becomes your worst enemy, familial relationships and acceptance. Kubica weaves a tale of a woman's grief spiraling out of control. I give her kudos for ending the book in a different way than the norm. It will be interesting to see how people react. For me, as a lover of thrillers and someone who is always looking to see if the twist is done impact-fully, it's nice to see something done a little bit differently. I truly appreciate the story for what it is. I can't wait to see what she brings us next.

5 stars!

Jessica's Thoughts:

This was my first Kubica book, and I've heard nothing but amazing things about her writing. I received a copy of her newest book EVERY LAST LIE and dove right into it without knowing much about it. I was not disappointed and I'm looking forward to reading her other books!

Clara Solberg's world completely changes in an afternoon when her husband and 4 year old daughter are in a horrific car crash. The crash killed her husband, Nick, while her daughter, Maisie, was completely unharmed. The crash was ultimately ruled as an accident, but in the weeks following the crash Maisie starts having night terrors about a bad man coming for them. This causes Clara to try and find out what really happened that day of the crash.

So many questions in her search for what happened to Nick. Who would want him dead? Why would they want him dead? Why was Maisie unharmed? As she dives deeper into the search for the truth, she uncovers twisted secrets and deceit along the way. 

Kubica writes in the alternating perspectives - Clara present day and then Nick in his last months leading to the car crash. I've always loved this style of writing because it answers questions as you go or explains events in a unique way. The characters were incredibly well-developed and Kubica does an incredible job weaving these stories and making the reader never stop guessing. I couldn't guess the ending even if I tried! So many new theories and an interesting look into the mind of a grief stricken widow. One thing I also liked about this story is that it was completely plausible. This event could definitely happen and nothing was too outlandish. That makes it have an eerie feel.

I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future! If you want a good psychological thriller that will keep you guessing, then this is the book for you.
I give this 5 stars! 

Sam's Thoughts:

Mary Kubica is one of my auto buy authors; everything she publishes, I always read and enjoy so I was thrilled when I discovered she had a novel being published this month!

Known for her psychological thrillers, Every Last Lie, follows the life of Clara Solberg after her world is shattered; her husband, Nick, is killed in a car crash with their daughter in the car.  Their daughter remarkably unharmed and the crash ruled an accident, Clara cannot help but question what happened.  Tormented by grief and obsessed with Nick’s death, Clara is desperate for the truth.  Who could have wanted Nick dead?  Why were they after him?  Who is the “bad man” that their daughter continuously refers to? 

The narrative is divided in true Kubica fashion through multiple viewpoints.  Clara, as she desperately hunts for answers and Nick, told through his last months before the crash.   Unlike her previous novels, I felt like this one really delved into the characters and developed them.   I had so many ideas throughout this reading.  I continuously was guessing, changing my mind and adding new theories into the mix.    Did Nick have an affair?  Was he attacked?  Did Clara have anything to do with this?  Did he fake his own death?  Is this a dream?  Is Clara in a psych ward?  I was constantly frustrated, and entertained, as Kubica weaved the plot

I think my favourite thing about a Kubica novel is the fact that her narratives are never outlandish or far-fetched.  The eeriness surrounding the plots is because they are so simple.  They are truly something that could happen to anyone. 

This is absolutely not a traditional thriller, this is not a rollercoaster ride with red herrings and doom around every corner, and it will not be for every reader, however, if you like a book that is eerily realistic that will keep you guessing, Every Last Lie is a brilliant choice!  I gave it 5/5 stars. 

Big thank you to Park Row Books for these copies in return for our honest opinions.

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