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Friday, June 17, 2022

Review: Hide by Kiersten White

by Kiersten White

Thanks so much to Del Rey Books for these gifted copies.

Publisher: Del Rey Books
Publish Date: May 24, 2022
256 Pages
Genre: Horror

The challenge: spend a week hiding in an abandoned amusement park and don't get caught.

The prize: enough money to change everything.

Even though everyone is desperate to win--to seize their dream futures or escape their haunting pasts--Mack feels sure that she can beat her competitors. All she has to do is hide, and she's an expert at that.

It's the reason she's alive, and her family isn't.

But as the people around her begin disappearing one by one, Mack realizes this competition is more sinister than even she imagined, and that together might be the only way to survive.

Fourteen competitors. Seven days. Everywhere to hide, but nowhere to run.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

A high-stakes hide-and-seek competition turns deadly in this dark supernatural thriller from New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White.

My Review:

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Would I spend seven days in an abandoned amusement park for $50,000.00? Your guess is as good as mine.  I'd like to think *yes* but my ** anxiety level of *nope* may persuade me differently.  Also, I've read and watched WAY too much horror to know that this will likely not end well.

I've actually never read this author before but with this cover and that premise I couldn't say no. A little bit of hide and seek gone bananas.  Serve me up!  From what I understand, this author write mostly YA fantasy (?) and I definitely could feel the YA in this book as it felt more like YA over Adult fiction. 🤷 But it was still a lot of fun. 

Despite the NUMEROUS characters (too many for my taste, tbh) and some plot holes, I could absolutely get behind this competition.. and the consequences it provides. 😏 I am glad that I weirdly read the synopsis right before reading this (something I rarely ever do) because otherwise I may have been disappointed in the supernatural part of it as it comes across less so in the rest of the description and I would've expected a more bloody-fight-to-the-death kind of thing.  But then again, maybe it it. *wink*  Guess you'll just have to read this and find out.


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  1. I'm obsessed with this book!! I had so much fun reading it. Theme park horror is my favorite! :)