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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Review: Good Husbands by Cate Ray

Good Husbands 
by Cate Ray

Huge thank you to Park Row for this gifted book.

Publisher: Park Row
Publish Date: June 7, 2022
384 Pages
Genre: Thriller

Three wives, one letter, and an explosive secret that will change everything.

He said, she said. Who do you believe?

Jessica, Stephanie and Priyanka are complete strangers, but they have one thing in common: they’ve each received a letter accusing their husbands of committing a sexual assault more than two decades prior. Is the accusation true or is there more to the story? It was a secret that remained buried for years.

With their worlds suddenly turned upside down, they don’t know who to trust—a complete stranger or the men they love and built their lives with. The three women come together to embark on a hunt for the truth, but they are hardly prepared for what they will discover. Who is the victim, and will justice ultimately be served?

My Review:

What woud you do if you received a random letter from a girl claiming her mother was raped by your husband over 20 years ago... and he wasn't alone.  Do you disrupt your own life for something that could possibly not even be true? Or do you have to look into this because it woud be a unforgivable act from someone you *thought* you knew and now see differently? What a predicament.

This book touches on the subject of sexual assault, what that can mean across the board, the consequences that ripped throughout the lives of the victims and assaulters and those around them. It was interesting to get to know the very different three women - Jess, Stephanie and Priyanka.  The author does a great job in showing how differently people can react to disastrous news and how doing the "right" thing can take on so many layers.  Is the ripple effect worth a 'they said, she said' situation?  OH how the moral compass turns.

If this were to be appropriately categorized in the "thriller" genre then it would be a very light domestic suspense mystery-ish one that reads more like a contemporary novel of did they or didn't they.  I appreciate the themes laden within but at times I felt like I was getting statistical facts that didn't feel seamless within the storyline. 

I was intrugued from the get go but felt the middle got a bit muddled down, losing my interest a bit. Was the ending worth it?  The mind boggles.  While someone is a "very clever girl", it most certainly isn't me because I'm not sure I got it, tbh.  Entertaining?  Sure.  Worth it? I'm torn straight down the middle.


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