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Friday, October 2, 2020

Review: Lie, Lie Again by Stacy Wise

Lie, Lie Again 
by Stacy Wise

Thank you GetRedPR and Lake Union Publishing for this copy.

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publish Date: January 1, 2021
382 Pages
Genres: Thriller, Mystery

For three women with so much to hide, there’s no such thing as a little white lie…

All three women who live at 1054 Mockingbird Lane have secrets…and with a body at the bottom of their apartment building’s staircase, those secrets need to stay buried.

Sylvia Webb has a plan. And a potential Mr. Right. He’s sweet, simple, and dependably clueless about what she’s up to. The only thing unpredictable about him is his needy ex-girlfriend, who is this close to shattering Sylvia’s dreams. But Sylvia’s not going to let that happen.

Riki McFarlan has a good career and an amazing boyfriend who wants to settle down. If only she didn’t have feelings for her neighbor—who happens to be her close friend’s husband. With everything going so right, why is Riki flirting with something so wrong, so…dangerous?

Embry Taylor is as devoted to her children as she is to her husband, who’s a bartender by night, an aspiring actor by day. She is his biggest fan. But with his career not taking off and tensions high, even sweet Embry has something she’s desperate to keep hidden.

Lies, secrets, and revenge. For three neighbors with stakes so high, someone is headed for a downfall.

My Review:

OMG, this book was a bundle of fun.  Let me introduce you to Sylvia, a very smart and cunning woman who will do anything to achieve her dreams; Riki, a dreamer who is a good girl essentially but her daydreams just may get her into trouble she doesn't need; and Embry, the stunning wife of a gorgeous husband who is exhausted by her two beautiful children and a life that doesn't seem to be getting anywhere no matter how hard they try.  Enter draaaaaama. YAY.

For me, this was pure entertainment.  One thing was blaringly obvious and I wanted to throttle one of the women - WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SEE IT?!  But boy oh boy did I enjoy the lengths she went to... tee hee.  And I could relate to Riki in the fact that I prepare scenarios that are never going to happen in my head ALL the time.  Anddddd, just seeing what Riki went through as a teacher, I applaud even more the teachers of this world. BLESS YOU ALL.  And damn Embry, I can only dream of finding a husband like yours....

I don't know that I would really put this in the thriller category.  It felt more like.... apartment complex drama that just made all my voyeuristic dreams come true. That sounds weird but whatever.  Reading this was like watching the best episode of Desperate Housewives.  And even though things tied up a bit too neatly at the end... I really didn't care.  Pure, unaltered fun.  Thank you, Stacy, for this fun, fun ride.  

"If at first you don't succeed, Lie, Lie, Again..."


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