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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Review: A Borrowed Life by Kerry Anne King

A Borrowed Life 
by Kerry Anne King

Thank you TLC Book Tours and Lake Union Publishing for this gifted copy.

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publish Date: September 22, 2020
320 Pages
Genre: Contemporary

For twenty-six years Liz has perfectly played the part of Mrs. Thomas Lightsey, exemplary pastor’s wife and mother. But maintaining appearances for the congregation and catering to her demanding husband takes a toll, and she’s lost herself in meeting the expectations of others. When Thomas suddenly dies, Liz feels shock, grief, and, to her surprise, the siren song of freedom. Dare she dream of a life to call her own?

Despite the resistance of her daughter, Abigail, to even the smallest changes, Liz lands a role at the community theater. Inspired by new friends and the character she plays, she explores life’s possibilities, including an unexpected—and steamy—relationship with her leading man.

Just when Liz thinks she might be winning, life hits her with an unthinkable shock. She’s pregnant at forty-nine. Torn between conflicting loyalties to her daughter, her lover, her unborn baby, and herself, can Liz find a way to rebuild her dream life one more time?

My Review:

Lake Union is known for putting out some of the most heart string pulling stories and A Borrowed Life definitely pulls at them here.  When Liz's life is turned upside down with the death of her husband and spousal "identity" at the age of 49, she learns to start all over again and find her true self in the process. 

Full transparency - I did have a couple of issues that I wanted to discuss.  I felt like at 49, Liz was being portrayed as such an "old lady" and unnecessarily aged.  Now, I realize that SHE didn't feel that way, but it seems like everyone around her did (except for Val and the Theater group, bless them).. and wasn't sure if that was intentional or if the writing just portrayed her this way.  I don't know why this irked me so much... maybe because it's not THAT much older than I am so... ahem.   Hahaha - but I truly do appreciate that we see her bloom into her full, young 49 year old self.  I also always have an issue with one other particular part of the storyline that I won't get into as to not spoil anything but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... if you've read this can we please discuss.  Butttttt, then the author brings me back to feeling things because of where the storyline continues to grow.  Dammit. *wink*

Listen, I don't think there's any way that you don't fall in love with Liz.  I truly did enjoy watching her journey unfold.  I'd liken it to one of those Hallmark movies that come on TV that you might not be paying attention to at first, but then find yourself stopping to sit and really watch til the end... and maybe with a tear in your eye.  And I now want to live in the country in a little white house with a green roof.


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  1. Sometimes we just need a Hallmark read, right? Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours