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Friday, February 21, 2020

Review: The Ruin of Delicate Things by Beverley Lee @constantvoice

The Ruin of Delicate Things 
by Beverley Lee 

Thank you to Beverley for this early copy for review. You don't want to miss this one.

Publish Date: April 7, 2020
Kindle Edition
Genre: Horror

Barrington Hall is a place of secrets—something Dan Morgan has worked hard to forget. But when a heart-breaking loss brings him back to the place where he spent his childhood summers, Barrington Hall will do what it must to make him remember.

Faye Morgan blames her husband for the death of their teenage son. She doesn’t want to leave the place Toby called home. But after she catches a glimpse of a strange boy in the midnight woods and learns of his connection with Barrington Hall, her need to learn more pulls her further and further into a nightmare world filled with past atrocities and the burning flame of revenge.

A tale of grief and horror, A Ruin of Delicate Things explores how loss can leave a hole inside of us. A hole large enough for anything to crawl into. 

My Review:

There's something about the author being a friend that gets you even more excited but also even more nervous to read their new work.  I already knew Bev was extremely talented from reading The Gabriel Davenport trilogy but I still didn't expect the brilliance that is The Ruin of Delicate Things.

Dan and Faye have lost their son and in that, their connection to each other.  When Dan heads back to his childhood home at the bequeath of his aunt, he's also heading back to memories that had been buried deep.  With that, the story behind the strange happenings at Barrington Hall... and these things will creepy crawl their way straight to your inner being.  *SHIVER*

There's a LOT going on with this read - heartache, marriage issues, loss, history, fantasy, horror, thrills and chills.  I can only imagine the various forms my face made as I went on their journey that spiraled into a goose pimply hell.  Many a time did I physically shudder.  Bev took her own fear of moths and incorporated that along with a number of other creatures that made my skin crawl.. A LOT.  I felt SO MUCH for Corrigan and the story behind the story.  Which way do I root? Well, the only way I could of course and you'll have to read this to figure it all out.  I know I'll never think of certain creatures the same again. And I adored how the story played out with an ending that seemed extremely appropriate.  I LOVE it when I finish a book with a smile on my face.

A gothic atmospheric read with bits of fantasy horror that I wanted more of.  Put this on your TBR.


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