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Sunday, February 9, 2020

#ATBR2020 Review: The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica @parkrowbooks @marykubica @jessmapreviews

The Other Mrs.
by Mary Kubica

Thank you Park Row Books for these free copies in return for our honest reviews.

Publisher: Park Row Books
Publish Date: February 18, 2020
368 Pages
Genres: Suspense, Psychological Thriller

She tried to run, but she can’t escape the other Mrs.

Sadie and Will Foust have only just moved their family from bustling Chicago to small-town Maine when their neighbor Morgan Baines is found dead in her home. The murder rocks their tiny coastal island, but no one is more shaken than Sadie.

But it’s not just Morgan’s death that has Sadie on edge. And as the eyes of suspicion turn toward the new family in town, Sadie is drawn deeper into the mystery of what really happened that dark and deadly night. But Sadie must be careful, for the more she discovers about Mrs. Baines, the more she begins to realize just how much she has to lose if the truth ever comes to light.

My Review:

My sixth Kubica novel and certainly not even close to my last.  In pure Kubica style, she gives us another story where the short chapters keep you turning the pages and the story line gets crazy.  Multiple POVs tell this story - where we see yet another story where moving to a small town goes wrong *wink*.  In this very addictive read, the wife, the mistress, the niece, the son, the ferry rides, the accusations... it's hard being the new family in town.

If Kubica writes it, you can be damn sure I'm going to read it.  While her novels have run the spectrum for me, it's what I love about her books - the difference between all of them while still very much a distinctive Kubica read.  From this story, I wanted more on Imogen - I almost wish we had her POV to give the novel a bit more of a full feel.  I kicked myself for not figuring out the reveal but also was really happy to be surprised! YAY!  I don't think one particular direction really need to be added as I feel it just convoluted the story line a bit.  However, I was willing to suspend a bit of belief and enjoy the story for what it was..  which is a binge read of a thriller.  

Kubica fans, rejoice!


Jessica's Review:

I'm going to try and keep this one brief simply because it's a plot I don't want to spoil for anyone. Mary Kubica has brought us an original idea in the sea of psychological thrillers that have released recently. THE OTHER MRS. is a twisty ride that almost exhausts you with how much she throws your way - and I loved every page of it.

Murder in a small coastal town, a new family moving in, and secrets galore. From the first page until the last the author grabs the reader and sucks you in. With each twist you find yourself second-guessing everything you thought was going to happen. I couldn't guess that ending and that always makes me happy when an author can remove that predictability. We get three alternating perspectives throughout the book and I feel like we really do get to connect with Camille, Sadie, and Mouse as they tell their stories.

If you haven't read anything by Kubica yet, then you're seriously missing out and need to rectify that immediately. She remains an auto-buy author for me and I still have a couple from her backlist to pick up. I can't wait to see what she comes out with next!

4 stars

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