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Friday, November 16, 2018

REVIEW: All Men are Assholes (... and All Women are Crazy) by Jordan West @allmenareaholes

All Men are Assholes 
(... and All Women are Crazy) 
by Jordan West

Thanks so much to the author for this review copy.  If ever afforded the opportunity, I'd sit down with her over a couple drinks and just hang.

Publisher: West Press
Publish Date: February 12, 2018

207 Pages
Genre: Humor & Entertainment

In this lesson on how to find love when everyone is awful, Jordan West sets out to prove a simple theory: while the ultimate goal for a man is to find that low-level lunatic he can learn to live with, the ultimate goal for a woman is to find that one special asshole that doesn’t make her any crazier than she already is. 

West carefully and comically weeds through the wake of her disastrous romantic past, juxtaposing it against all of our favorite famous couples that have exhibited asshole/crazy behavior. From Sid and Nancy, to the Ken and Barbie Killers, Jordan even drops in to take a stab at the Trumps in this ruthless relationship satire. 

So maybe you're sick and tired of scraping along the bottom of the dating pool only to wind up in a repetitive relationship that leaves you worse off than you were to begin with. Or maybe you're currently in the passenger seat of one of those relationships that's driving you to the madhouse. All Men are Assholes (…And All Women are Crazy) serves as the ideal guide to help you figure out where you land on the asshole/crazy scale and how to navigate through the herd of ineligible suitors to find that one perfect mate who is just as awful as you are.


My Review:

I honestly don't know how to classify this book? Is it memoir? Is it autobiography? Or just satire/humor/entertainment slashed with truths from her life? I really don't care - I absolutely LOVED it.  It's pretty much all I did at work.  Read this damn book.  Thanks, Jordan.  Productivity level at work today, ZERO.  But I did read your book, so there's that. And now that I'm speaking directly to the author it seems... Jordan, if you're even in NYC, look me up, let's grab a couple drinks and dish. 

OK - back to this book already right? GOOD LAWD, I must be the same age(ish) as the author because I understood every damn reference. This is all too realistic look at the game of dating and making one horrible (but lesson worthy) choice after another in relationship land.  I reside in this corner of that universe way more than I care to admit. I didn't even want to throttle Jordan when she continually went back and back and back again because hell, I've been there. DONE THAT. I'll just throttle myself, thank you very much.

"The Amount of bullshit humans still take and how quickly they'll get up only to fall back down again is nothing short of fascinating.  Masochists, all of us."

These stories are funny and somewhat depressing as well. At the same time, when we're young, we're allotted mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes carry over into our adult life but isn't our whole life spent learning and then learning some more? 
"Odds are if you're old enough to read this, cover to cover, it's too late for you."  WELL, FUCK.

I really enjoyed the sense of humor in this book.  I honestly thought at first it would be that whole 'the past made me who I am and men suck so that's why I'm crazy and fuck the men in the world (but not literally, unless you're on a dry streak then anything goes)'.  What it turned out to be was a lesson for us all - yes, men are assholes and women are crazy.  Some more than others.  And I'm jealous of all you women who found their men when they were young so never had to endure the vapid dating game that the single people embrace on the daily.  Then again, grass is greener and all that, right? 

While I enjoyed the stories women throughout this book, I appreciated the epilogue as well and the advice given at the end. Did I say lesson earlier? I didn't quite mean that.  This book isn't a lesson. This book is just a raw realistic look into the craziness that occurs in a relationship and quite frankly, if you're been in the dating scene for a while and haven't experienced any of these stories or something similar well then... you're lying. 


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