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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Wild Flowers by Michelle S. Smith @MichelleSimoneS

Wild Flowers
by Michelle S. Smith

A poetry collection touching on love, loss, abandonment, depression and sexuality. 
Also, can we talk about this COVER!

renovations of my spirit
started and stopped
replanned without warning
i have been formed and broken
molded and smelted
crumbled and built up
torn and sewn again
yet my cornerstone remains
my foundation is not shook
no matter how often
i must be repainted

Michelle Simone Smith is a Writer of West Indian and West African heritage. Raised by a devout christian grandmother, writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing. Best known for most recent collection of poetry and prose "Wild Flowers". It is widely read and loved by many. Wild Flowers takes you through her journey of healing and self-discovery. It engages with themes of love, loss, healing, depression, sexuality, and is both deeply personal and relatable. Her poems are infused with life lessons for women that suffer from Mental Illnesses. Her hope is that her words are able to touch, empower and encourage women around the world.

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