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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

REVIEW: The Purity of Crimson by Beverley Lee @constantvoice

The Purity of Crimson
by Beverley Lee

Not only is Beverley one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, she is also immensely talented and as far as I'm concerned, the new Gothic Queen of Vampires.

I'm blessed to have received an early copy of Book Three of the Gabriel Davenport series.  I highly recommend this series.

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Menacing dark fantasy/horror and paranormal suspense combine in the final book of this reader acclaimed supernatural series (Gabriel Davenport) from British author Beverley Lee 

Blood calls to blood. 

Gabriel Davenport and his brothers have found a temporary refuge. But safety is fleeting. 
Beneath the streets of London three become five, as the brothers, the "Bloody Little Prophets," are joined by a witch boy sent on a mission and a terrified, persecuted vampire. 

But every meeting has its consequences. And one of them is not who he says he is. 

One by one, the brothers are torn apart, and all must face their own demons when unexpected questions and uncertainty arise. 

Gabriel's quest takes him to the very edge of his morality—to a creature who holds the key to death itself. 

What would he give to know why the wings of darkness had always sought him? 

And what would any of them sacrifice to save each other? 

My Review:

Can I just first say how SAD I am that this is the final book in the trilogy of The Gabriel Davenport series?  I must have mentally blocked this information because I just did NOT want this to end.  However, if it had to end, it went out in a glorious way.  Lee has a lot of surprises in store for her readers with this one.

Moth, Teal and Gabriel are back and while they have safety, they are starving for food while simultaneously trying to keep out of harms way.  They soon realize they need to face their fears fang on and what a journey it becomes.  This isn't just a story about vampires and blood and war (though there is plenty of this here), it is also a story about family, brotherhood, loyalty and just how far you would go for someone you love.

Lee's writing style is such a pleasure to read - I especially give a huge nod to just plunging right into the story as if you just turned the last page of book two.  The romantic parts make your heart flutter, the bloody parts make you shiver (or smile in my case) and you find your heart racing as situations come to fruition.  I fear to say too much as I do not want to spoil anything for other readers.  

If you follow her on social media (and if you don't, you really should!) you'll know that Beverley interacts with her followers and even put a couple followers into this book - how amazing is that?! And what a pleasure it was to see these names as I was reading!  

Beverley is the Gothic Queen of Vampires.  My only complaint?  That it's over.  However, I am SO excited to see what else Lee has for us - I just know it's going to be brilliant.

Thank you, Beverley - for making me a part of Gabriel's team - it's been my honor.  I'm going to miss the boys - luckily I have the books so I can visit at any time. 🎔


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