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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

REVIEW: Big Woods by May Cobb @midnightinkbook @maykcobb

Big Woods
by May Cobb

Thanks so much to Midnight Ink Books and May Cobb for this gifted copy.
Texas and satanic cults? YES PLEASE!

Publisher:  Midnight Ink
Publish Date:  July 8, 2018
312 Pages
Genres:  Thriller, Mystery

It's 1989 in the sleepy town of Longview, Texas, when ten-year-old Lucy disappears. Her parents, the police, and the community all brace for the worst, assuming her body will soon be found in Big Woods. Just like the other unsolved kidnappings.

But then Lucy’s fourteen-year-old sister, Leah, starts having dreams about Lucy—dreams that reveal startling clues as to what happened. Leah begins her own investigation, and soon she meets a reclusive widow who may hold the key to finding Lucy . . . if only she can find the courage to come forward.

Delving into the paranoia surrounding satanic cults in the 1980s, Big Woods is an emotionally wrought, propulsive thriller about the enormity of grief, the magical bond between sisters, and a small town's dark secrets.

My Review:

Having lived in Texas during the 80s and remembering the satanic cult phenomena that was happening during that time, this book absolutely intrigued me.  This book took me back to my childhood... yes, one where I was fascinated with cults, horror and anything macabre - especially if it was true life.  Unfortunately, satanic and other types of cults were rampart during this time. 

Cobb, thanks so much for taking me back.  I giggled at "rock me on my desk" instead of "Rock me, Amadeus" and at the mentions of Luby's and Steak and Ale.  The author did a fantastic job in bringing me back into the South.

It took me about 30% of the book to get into it.  The chapters alternate between Leah and Sylvia slowly building to their intersection. It does run a little slow in some places.  This is really more about the bond between Leah and Lucy (her sister who has gone missing) and how Leah and Sylvia are dealing with the missing children and eerie things happening within the town.  I would have loved to have had MORE about the cult - what was going on, who was involved and why.  I felt this part was lacking in the book... but only because that's a preference I would've preferred.    The ending tied up very quickly.  With the slow to moderate pace, this seemed a little too fast and neat right at the finish. 

A solid debut.  Cobb will certainly have more for us in the future and I'm looking forward to see what she comes up with.

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