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Thursday, February 22, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Horror Author J.Z. Foster - Witch Hunter, The Wicked Ones, Mind Wreck @jzfosterauthor

Witch Hunter: Into the Outside
The Wicked Ones: Children of the Lost
Mind Wreck: Shadow Games
by J.Z. Foster

If you're on Bookstagram and follow horror or horror lover accounts, you've seen J.Z. Foster's name quite a few times.  He's getting a lot of love in the horror community for his books and I'm EXCITED and THRILLED to be able to spotlight him on my blog today!  Am also EXTREMELY HONORED to read and review The Wicked Ones - so STAY TUNED!

Continue below to see blurbs of all these books and learn a little bit about J.Z. Foster - including where to stalk him! 😈 (Also, just LOOK at these covers!!)

The world is lying to you.  Is that news?  It must be very upsetting.

Richard Fitcher found it upsetting.

He's a witch hunter who doesn't believe in witches, and tonight he's taking a reporter and her cameraman on a witch hunt.  He's all ready to jazz it up with spooky noises and a gimmicky magic ritual that locates witches.  People like that kind of crap, right?  But there's a problem.

It worked this time.

So now Richard is forced to call up old knowledge and power he didn't believe to be real, challenging things that crawled out of the pit, if he has any hope of surviving the night.  But this loser might actually find some value - the pit does have a tendency to shave off your uneven edges - if it doesn't kill you.

Either way, it's a lovely night for witching.

You know, the best thing about nightmares is that they're not real.  It's all in your head, and as soon as you wake up, pop!  It's all gone.  You're safe.

It's not like they could crawl out, creeping from your mind with long, slender fingers and milky yellow eyes sunken into heads with pointed horns bursting out.

That'd just be insane.

Daniel Tanner's life is insane. A mysterious disease came to claim his son, seemingly pulling him into the grave with cold fingers named misery and hopelessness.

Now a stranger has come calling with an even stranger tale of monsters - horrible things that take children in the middle of the night and leave their own, things that crawled out of the fairy tales our barbarous ancestors used to tell, things they never tried to warn us about.

We didn't listen.

Because monsters aren't real, are they?  There's no reason to fear the dark, no reason at all to believe the old tales about the creatures with a taste for human meat.

That would be insane... wouldn't it?

Has anyone ever told you how special you are?  How great you could be at anything if you just put your mind to it?

They were lying.

There are people, Shadows, who really can do anything.  They walk like gods among us, speaking with the dead and tearing their enemies apart with a simple thought.  Some live unchained by death, and others live without the shroud covering what tomorrow brings.

They have the Mind Wreck.

It's when the chemical stew inside your brain begins to boil.  All those soft spots start to turn red and bleed as a host of human potential claws its way into you, dragging you into the deep end of the world.

He's been thrust into the games, The Shadow Games, where god-like beings vie for control and power, everyone out there is playing their own hand, and everyone has a seat at the table.  He'll have to learn to play quickly because being the son of a powerful Shadows has drawn a lot of attention.

Let the games begin.

J.Z. Foster is an Urban Fantasy / Horror writer originally from Ohio.  He spent several years in South Korea where he met and married his wife and together they opened up an English school.  Now a first time father, he's returned to the states - and his hometown roots.  He received the writing bug from his mother, NYTimes best selling author, Lori Foster.  You can follow his writing process on his Facebook page - linked below.

Follow him:  Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram | Amazon

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