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Sunday, July 2, 2017

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Enter the Dark by Chris Thomas @cthomasauthor1 @bloodhoundbook

Excited to be today's Blog Tour Stop for Chris Thomas's Enter the Dark.  A thriller dealing with the dark net, the bowels of the internet and human mind. People will pay to see justice met, but will it cost them more than just their bitcoins?

Book Description:

An anonymous website, a few clicks, and Joe Henderson’s life is changed forever.

‘The Red Room’ is the only place where the inadequacies of a weak justice system are righted and where the line between good and evil becomes blurred. When the lights go up, viewers bid, criminals are punished, and the Brotherhood of the Righteous broadcasts a show like no other.

The room has remained hidden until now, when a video arrives in the inbox of the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit: the torture and killing of a notorious criminal. But outclassed, outplayed, and torn apart by corruption, is there anything Detective Pete Harris and his team can do except watch?

Their only lead may be the room’s latest bidder, Joe Henderson. Because when Joe found the Red Room, it found him too, and now the Brotherhood are watching through the wires, willing to do evil for a righteous cause, to become the men that even monsters are scared of.

As they pull Joe deeper into the dark web, will he find any mercy and any way out? Or will he be the Red Room’s next volunteer?

My Review:

The Brothers of Righteousness put on a show in the deep recesses of the internet (the Dark Net), taking justice into their own hands in the Red Room.  Those who have committed atrocious crimes with little punishment from our justice department, are put on display and retried for their crime.  People anonymously bid on their punishment and inevitable death.  Access, questions asked and form of punishment from anonymous bidders cost them quite a bit - bitcoins to be exact (over 600 pounds per one bitcoin in case you were wondering).  

Pete Harris with the Metropolitan Cyber Crime Unit receives a video that puts him on the case to try and find this Red Room and stop the torture to the not so innocent victims.  He enlists Joe for some help - a bystander who, introduced to the Dark Net for the first time, makes amateur moves putting him on the Brothers' wrong side and now he must decide which side to take as the Brothers are watching him at ALL times.

What a surprising book!  With the opening of it taking us right into the Red Room and their first victim, I was hooked from the get go.  The author takes us through multiple view points and builds a pretty messed up world.  Completely plausible in this day and age with the only monsters being human ones, he saturates our minds with people's own justifications.  Aren't all the decisions you make for a reason that makes sense to you ... and sometimes you alone?  If our justice system doesn't punish those who deserve it to the fullest extent that they deserve, should we take that into our own hands?  Some scenes may be a bit too squeamish for some readers - a bit of torture porn if you will, but luckily I'm not too much a squeamish person.  Thomas even had me rooting for the Brothers of Righteousness and I was NOT expecting that final reveal.  Nice work, Thomas, nice work.  

Author Bio:

Chris Thomas was born near London in 1978 before moving to Buckinghamshire a few months later. He attended the University of Bristol, graduating with a degree in psychology in 1999. It was here that he developed his interest in criminal psychology and serial killers.

After a brief stint working at an investment bank in London, he left the City to work for his wife’s family business, a position he still holds.

Chris is an avid film fan, especially horror, thrillers and dark comedy- something that he tries to blend in his writing. After attending a creative writing course, he gained the confidence to pursue his dream of writing a novel. He self-published his debut novel The Red Room in February 2017 before joining the Bloodhound Books stable and re-releasing the book as Enter The Dark.

Further works are already in the planning, including a sequel to Enter The Dark, which is intended to be even more dark and disturbing!

In his spare time, Chris enjoys karate (holding a black belt) and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.


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