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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Review: Young Rich Widows by Kimberly Belle, Layne Fargo, Cate Holahan & Vanessa Lillie

Young Rich Widows
by Kimberly Belle, Layne Fargo,
Cate Holahan & Vanessa Lillie

Publisher: Audible Originals
Publish Date: April 14, 2022
8 hrs 46 min
Genre: Thriller

When the four partners of a prominent law firm are killed in a mysterious plane crash, their widows must come together to uncover the truth in this explosive, edge-of-your-seat novel.

It’s 1985 in Providence, Rhode Island, and the four partners of a prominent, mafia-affiliated law firm have been killed in a private jet that went down outside New York City. Four very different women have just lost the loves of their lives: Justine, a former fashion model adjusting to suburban life; Camille, a beautiful, young second wife some suspect is a gold digger; Krystle, committed to leaving the firm to her sons after her husband worked his whole life to support them all; and Meredith, a stripper at the local club who was in a secret relationship with the firm’s sole female partner. While the crash is initially ruled a tragic accident, something’s not adding up: The team wasn’t supposed to be in New York that day, and it’s soon revealed that there was a very large sum of cash that burned up with the plane. The women find themselves thrown together in search of the truth, with new danger and threats unfolding at every turn.

Could a dissatisfied client be seeking revenge? Or were the partners involved in something bigger—something dangerous and deadly? What other secrets were the partners keeping, and how far might people go to ensure they stay hidden? The widows must find the answers in order to protect their inheritance, their families, and their lives.

My Review:

I had the BEST time with the narrators of this story.  Each person really played their role to their fullest and with each chapter I felt I could feel the authors' signature styles and lemme tell ya, it's freakin' entertaining!  Grab some popcorn or pull up candy crush or some other mobile game or some gem art.. do some cleaning.  Whatever.  Find a reason to have to listen to this audio. 

I was hoping the title was a how-to book *wink wink*... but what we readers get is far more fun.  Four very different women all lose their partners in the blink of an air crash leaving them widows.  But something isn't right and their millions may be further out of grasp than any of them had anticipated.   What follows is drama, mob tendencies that really fit to the mid-80s theme and laughs.  OMG was Krystle cracking me up! 

Four thriller authors I love collaborated for this Audible Original - a round of applause to each of you and to the narrators who really delivered and made this story come to life.  Special shout out to Vanessa for this gifted #audiobook.  Y'all are going to do more, right? ahem *cough (say yes) cough*


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