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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Review: Mouth Full of Ashes by Briana Morgan

Mouth Full of Ashes
by Briana Morgan

Thanks so much to the author for this gifted book!

Publish Date: October 4, 2021
Kindle Edition
Genres: Horror, Vampire

Mourning the sudden loss of her sister, Callie Danoff wants nothing more than to embrace a fresh start in a new town, leaving the haunting memories of her sister’s death behind. But when her brother Ramsay drags her to a spooky boardwalk, the two become entangled with a local vampire gang and its enigmatic leader, Elijah. Callie refuses to accept their existence... until she and her brother unknowingly ingest vampire blood. Now, they only have three days before they turn into vampires themselves.

With her carefree summer thwarted, Callie must trust a group she barely knows in order to save her family.

My Review:

What a cool new take on the vampire genre!  Carnivals/fairs, etc. have always creeped me out.  I've always had dark thoughts about what could be happening in the underbelly of them (Us, anyone?😱) I also really wanted to be a vampire when I was a kid.  I'm basically allergic to the sun so I'm close! 🤞 Put all of this together and add one Briana Morgan and you just KNOW this is going to be a fun ride.  Hands up, everyone!  I thoroughly enjoyed Unboxed (if you haven't read that one, go get it now!) so was super excited to get an early copy of Mouth Full of Ashes. 🧛

I LOVE the homage to the Lost Boys - I once put this movie on as a "romantic" movie to watch with my guy and he just shook his head "Of course you would, Chandra". 🤣 #truestory  What I really loved about this story was Callie and Maeve.  It was fun to watch each of their progressions.  Maeve turned out to be my absolute favorite character! And I see you, Briana, with that very fun line you included. 😉

I really don't want to say too much so I'll stop here.  This novella has some bite to it.  Get bloody. 🩸 Excuse me while I go grab a milkshake and some fries. Bloody ashes.... 


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