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Monday, July 26, 2021

Review: Unsympathetic Victims by Laura Snider

Unsympathetic Victims
by Laura Snider

Thanks so much to the author for this advanced copy.

Publisher: Severn River Publishing
Publish Date: July 27, 2021
Kindle Edition
342 Pages
Series: Ashley Montgomery #1
Genre: Legal Thriller

When successful public defender Ashley Montgomery helps acquit yet another client, people in small-town Brine, Iowa are enraged. Following the verdict, a protest breaks out — and the hated defense attorney quickly finds her life in danger.

But little does Ashley know, things are about to get worse — much worse. One of her clients turns up dead, and Ashley is arrested for his murder. As local investigators Katie Mickey and George Thomanson dive into the case, they start to suspect that Ashely is being framed — but by whom?

With Ashley’s freedom at stake, Katie and George are desperate to find out the truth. And soon, they uncover a sinister plot born of corruption, greed, and misplaced loyalty that will leave the whole town reeling — and questioning their faith in the people they trusted most.

My Review:

Brine, Iowa. Two protagonists: Ashley (public defender) and Katie (cop).  Ashley isn't well liked due to her clientele... and when some of them begin to turn up dead, she starts getting the blame.  She's definitely goinig to need Katie's help here!

For those that hesitate at legal thrillers, fear not!  Even if you have the most minimal knowledge of law, you'll be able to follow along easily and this is quite the page turner as we get to know these characters.  I had a few small issues with Katie and Ashley and their enemies to besties friendship - I did like their friendship, but it felt a little too quick to roll from one to another so quickly.  There's plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your tippy toes and while some felt a bit over the top, it definitely made for an interesting read.

You can definitely feel Snider's experience as a lawyer seeping through the pages.  This legal thriller will be fun for any thriller lover.  You'll find the ending a bit abrupt but giving you that thirst for the next book.  While you may have to suspend a bit of reality for certain situations, have fun and keep on guessing on what's going to happen because as soon as you think you know... you don't. *wink*


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