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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Review: One Two Three by Laurie Frankel

One Two Three
by Laurie Frankel
Narrated by Emma Galvin, Jesse Vilinsky, Rebecca Soler

Thanks to & Macmillan Audio for this advanced gifted copy.

Publsiher: Macmillan Audio
Publish Date: June 8, 2021 (first published April 27, 2021)
14 hrs 59 min
Genre: Contemporary

How do you let go of the past when the past won't let go of you?

Everyone knows everyone in the tiny town of Bourne, but the Mitchell triplets are especially beloved. Mirabel is the smartest person anyone knows, and no one doubts it just because she can’t speak. Monday is the town’s purveyor of books now that the library’s closed—tell her the book you think you want, and she’ll pull the one you actually do from the microwave or her underwear drawer. Mab’s job is hardest of all: get good grades, get into college, get out of Bourne.

For a few weeks seventeen years ago, Bourne was national news when its water turned green and was declared unfit for use, but it was too late for its residents, and the girls have come of age watching their mother’s endless fight for justice. But just when it seems life might go on the same forever, the first moving truck anyone’s seen in years pulls up and unloads new residents and old secrets. Soon, the Mitchell sisters are uncovering mysteries buried longer than they’ve been alive and taking on a system stacked against them. And in a town where nothing ever changes, suddenly everything does.

My Review:

Meet the Bourne sisters - Mab (One), Monday (Two) and Mirabel (Three) and their mom, Nora.  Frankel keeps each chapter alternating from One, Two and Three respectively and it's nice to be inside each of these teenager's heads as they all have a very unique perspective.   Bourne has suffered under a chemical plant that has poisoned their water supply and Nora has relentlessly been trying to put together a class action law suit... because not only were her daughters affected, but the whole town has... look around and you can pick up on all the clues.

This story touches on a variety of very important issues.  While we are getting the views of the triplets, we are also intertwined with the town history, corporations contaminating a small town, birth defects, illness, legal battles, determination... a town torn between needing the factory and dying from it.  Luckily, there was some bits of levity thrown in to help alleviate such a glum (albeit important) storyline. 

I wonder if I may have enjoyed this better in print over audio.  While I do believe the narrators (there are 3) did an amazing job... if the chapters weren't headed to let us know who was speaking, it may have gotten a bit confusing as to which teenager we are listening to.  Which was really distinct at times and totally lost on me in other moments.  I also think that maybe this was a bit long.  It seemed a bit repetitive in nature.  I also feel like the *romance* part was kind of glossed over when it should've been a more important part considering.... but I'll leave that there.

You certainly won't ever forget these girls - they have such amazing personalities and their disabilities are really just a norm throughout this town and their individual genius and perseverence while still battling their hormones is pretty well done.  I did feel a little let down towards the end.. only in the fact that for so many chapters we get engaged and then it all kind of neatly sums up in a very short manner... though I was still happy with the results.  Mab, Monday and Mirabel will be staying with me for a very long time.... Monday may be my favorite. Shhhh.. don't tell the others.


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