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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Review: The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

The Perfect Marriage
by Jeneva Rose

Publisher: Bloodhound Books
AudioPub: Dreamscape Media, LLC
8 hrs 52 min
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Domestic Thriller

Sarah Morgan is a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C. As a named partner at her firm, life is going exactly how she planned.

The same cannot be said for her husband, Adam. He's a struggling writer who has had little success in his career and he tires of his and Sarah’s relationship as she is constantly working.

Out in the secluded woods, at the couple’s lake house, Adam engages in a passionate affair with Kelly Summers.

Then, one morning everything changes. Kelly is found brutally stabbed to death and now, Sarah must take on her hardest case yet, defending her own husband, a man accused of murdering his mistress.

'THE PERFECT MARRIAGE' is a juicy, twisty, and utterly addictive thriller that will keep you reading all night long.

My Review:

I have such a love for domestic thrillers.  You'd think I'd get tired of the husband accused of the mistress's murder... but nope.  Keep on bringing them to me! Here, Rose give us the POV of both the wife, Sarah, and her husband, Adam.  They have marital problems like most have... she's a highly respected and hard working criminal defense attorney and Adam is a published author trying to write his next great book and it just isn't coming as well as he would hope.  While Sarah is constantly working and neglecting Adam, he starts an affair with Kelly, Sarah's polar opposite.  And of course, Kelly ends up stabbed to death in Adam and Sarah's lake house.  Who murdered her?  Sarah decides to take Adam's case and try to prove her husband innocent.

This was a fun, quick listen that kept me entertained from beginning to end.  Quite frankly, I didn't like Sarah or Adam.  Sarah should NOT have taken her husband's case - I find this unethical but apparently it's not illegal and so here we are.  I'm going to keep my thoughts short.  What I loved about this was how fast paced it was.  Sarah is a character that I love to hate - I felt for her but also could never wrap my head around her and some of her decision making... though I understood her frustration with Adam because OMG....  Adam made a lot of stupid moves, should lay off the scotch and keep his dick in his pants. Hey Adam - YOUR KISSES ARE NOT COMFORT.  Haha - what can I say, I actually like when I need to yell at them.

I did think being in Adam's head could get a bit repetitive and what I thought were plot holes, did get filled(ish) in at that ending.... and that ending... phew.  I don't mind suspending some belief and you're gonna have to for this one.  I wasn't having it but I also was like I KNEW IT (for some of it anyways)! *insert evil laugh*  But you know what, I was entertained and was in an "I HAVE TO KNOW" mood and I love it when a book doesn't let me put it down.


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