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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Review: The Other Inside by J.M. White

The Other Inside 
by J.M. White

Thank you so much to the author for this copy.

Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publish Date: January 9, 2020
208 Pages
Genre: Horror

Billie comes from a broken family. His mother was murdered, his abusive stepfather hauled away in cuffs for the crime. No longer able to remain in the home where his mother was killed—he runs. Eleven years later Billie has settled in a small New Hampshire town, but the terrible thing inside him needs to feed. A thing he has come to call the Other.

Bodies pile up. The town is terrified. Law enforcement is on the hunt for an elusive killer. Billie knows he can keep his secret if he is careful, but everything changes when he reconnects with his childhood best friend. The closer he becomes to her; the more secrets of his past are unearthed. Maybe his stepfather isn’t guilty? But if he didn’t kill his mother... who did?

My Review:

At a teensy bit over 200 pages, this story packs quite a little punch.  I liked the suck you right in opening and immediately was curious about Billie.  His mother is dead, he left his brother and now he's dealing with the Other...and it's winning.

For a shorter book, it did lull for me in a couple of areas and I didn't feel it was as seamless as it could have been.  Certain parts felt they were setting up for certain things and then sometimes those things just seemed thrown at you rather than just revealing itself in a more natural manner, while a couple of things didn't sit quite right.  Having said that, once I was involved with this, I was IN IT.  

What I loved best was wondering about Billie himself.  Is he a bit deranged?  Is it really not what it seems to be or is it REALLY WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE?  I was happy it went in the direction that it did and I'm so very curious as to what happens after that ending.  In any manner, this is a nice bit of horror to read and I would definitely recommend for horror lovers.

Rose Petals.


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