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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Review: F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher @darkmarktarryn

F*ck Love 
by Tarryn Fisher

Publish Date: December 31, 2015
Kindle Edition
257 Pages
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Helena Conway has fallen in love.

Unwillingly. Unwittingly.
But not unprovoked.
Kit Isley is everything she’s not—unstructured, untethered,
and not even a little bit careful.
It could all be so beautiful … if he wasn’t dating her best friend.
Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, and think of others.
Until she doesn’t.

My Review:

"Aside from the unbearable heart pain, feelings of inadequacy, sporadic tears, and hopelessness, I kind of like being single.  You're not responsible to tell anyone where you are or who you're with. It's freedom and loneliness, exhilaration and inner calm.  You don't have to shave.  It's the best high and the worst low.  The motherfucking pits."

Things I have in common with the main character: been cheated on, broke up with someone after many years into a relationship, moved to find myself, love of Harry Potter, absolutely awkward and get up and run when emotions get the best of me.

There's so many things I could've highlighted in here.  Fisher has this way of bringing all the emotions that every girl goes through when they fall in love, break up, try to find themselves. It's honest and raw and pretty powerful.

I love that she references Harry Potter a lot and that the whole banned book thing is a bit acknowledged from her interaction with a woman on the plane who suggests she reads the bible instead.  Her retort is snort worthy, y'all.

"You shouldn't have to convince anyone to choose you. There is no real choice in love."

With humor, real feelings and a touch of that romance all girls hope to find... this book travels the roads in relationships not only romantic, but friendships that also may have run their course.  Girls may always choose boys and those boys may always choose the wrong girls, but this is the circle of dysfunctional life that is all too true and one that we've all experienced.


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