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Saturday, May 18, 2019

REVIEW: Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak @netgalley @littlebrown @annapitoniak

Necessary People 
by Anna Pitoniak

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publish Date: May 21, 2019
Kindle Edition
352 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Thriller

One of them has it all. One of them wants it all. Only one of them can win.
Stella Bradley is beautiful, rich, and very good at getting herself into trouble. Violet Trapp is smart, self-aware, and laser-focused on escaping her humble background--especially after Stella gives her a glimpse into a world of glamour and wealth. They are best friends, and from the moment they meet in college, they know their roles: Stella in the spotlight, and Violet behind the scenes.

After graduation, Violet moves to New York and lands a job in cable news, where she works her way up from intern to assistant to producer, and to a life where she's finally free from Stella's shadow. Until Stella decides to use her connections, beauty and charisma to land a job at the same network. Stella soon moves in front of the camera, becoming the public face of the stories that Violet has worked tirelessly to produce-and taking all the credit for it.

But Violet isn't giving up so easily. As she and Stella strive for success, they each reveal just how far they'll go to get what they want--even if it means destroying the other person along the way.

Set against the fast-paced backdrop of TV news, Necessary People is a propulsive work of psychological suspense about ambition and privilege, about the thin line between friendship and rivalry, about the people we need in our lives--and the people we don't. 

My Review:

Oh good laws almighty, these girls.... Why is it so difficult to get out of toxic relationships? Here we have a story that we have seen before. Stella, the rich, entitled girl who is used to getting everything she wants. Money is no object and neither of people Violet, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who lives in Stella's shadow. Low self esteem but a drive underneath.

The thing with girls like these is that it's SO hard to find any sympathy for either girl. Stella who shits on everyone and uses and abuses people to get her way. Violet, being one of those people allowing Stella (among others) to treat her this way. Yet... they also provide for the other in their own way. Stella thrives on the attention that Violet gives her - the only person who sees Stella's true colors and stays loyal. Violet appreciates the opportunities Stella gives her in regards to a place to live "cheaply" and somewhat a (nicer) family that she ever really had.

What it comes down to, is how much is too much? When do either of them reach their breaking point? Is one of them better or worse than the other? It's honestly really hard to say. I've seen this story before but the way the author attacks it made for a great read. This one truly sneaks up on you. While I saw certain instances coming, that added moment or two really elevated this thriller in my eyes.

Watch the evolution of their sordid and toxic friendship and especially pay attention to Violet. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and the advantages in your back pocket. 


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