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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

REVIEW: Scrapbook of an Unfound Songstress by Vicky Nolan @foundsongstress

Scrapbook of an Unfound Songstress
by Vicky Nolan

Thanks so much to the author for this copy!
Learn about the book, see my review and then listen to one of her songs in the video below.

Publish Date:  November 20, 2017
188 Pages
Genre: Nonfiction

You're a 15-year-old schoolgirl who has big dreams of becoming a pop star, and then one day you get your lucky break. Polydor records sends you to Copenhagen to make pop music - to make you a recording artist. You get back home and your future is looking brighter than ever - until the High Court writ hits the door mat - you've fallen out with your management and they have decided to sue. No, this isn't a dream, this is now Vicky Nolan's reality and fast becoming a nightmare, and all while still at school at the sweet age of sixteen.

Read about the trial, the family, Hollywood, London town, the glamour, the dog (eh?) and most importantly, the music. Curiouser and curiouser?

We always talk about 'making it' and fulfilling your dreams. The question is, what if you don't? What happens next? Ultimately, this book speaks about life and family; its hopes and disappointments, its ups and downs. Scrapbook of an Unfound Songstress is in some way a story that speaks to us all, because in the end, the best stories are always true.

"I'm living my life as consequence of yesterday.
And all of my choices compliment my life today.
There may have been times I could have gone and lost my way,
I could have, I would have, I should have, I don't care - I'm here now."

My Review:

I've always been curious how child/teenager actors and musicians deal with their fame and the pressure that comes with performing.  Say hi to Vicky Nolan and her story who got her lucky break at the age of 16.  While dreams may come true, some come with nightmares.

This book is written in a very unique way. We have the straight forward chapters and then in between are what appears to be journal entries (? I almost thought these were songs at first but quickly realized that was not the case - regardless of the headings) along with almost screen play type writing - or court room type writing - in between.  Unfortunately this did take away from my enjoyment of the book only because it became a little confusing - if each part had stayed linear or for one particular part, I think it would have flowed better.  However, I do appreciate the uniqueness of the format. 

I also am not sure if this is the right match for me - a woman in her 40's ... I feel this would hit home more for those in their teens/20s though I did find the story fascinating in it's own right.

My favorite parts - the song lyrics...  hit play on the youtube video below and enjoy one of the songs - I've listened to it a few times - there's no question as to why she was noticed.

What I fully enjoyed was the experiences as told by someone who has lived it.  I absolutely could not imagine being so young and being a position to be contracted/committed to something - at an age where your mind changes at the drop of a hat.  Then to not really know the industry and be dazzled by the lights and glitz and where the managers aren't really looking out for your best interest.  PHEW!

An insightful look into the industry from a young person's perspective and I love the theme of never giving up on your dreams.


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  1. The author approached me to review this book as well! My TBR is just way too full right now to take on another review request -- so I'm glad to see your review! I'll have to watch the video as well when I have more time. Great review!