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Sunday, January 7, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Carla by Michael Gryboski

by Michael Gryboski

Publisher:  Inknbeans Press
Published:  April 4, 2017
Genre:  Thriller


Carla al-Hassan lives in two worlds. In one, she is known as a mild-mannered young woman who dropped out of college to work full time to pay for her grandfather's medical bills. 

In the other, she is a professional killer who does the will of a mysterious domestic terrorist group called the Cicero Organization. 

For years, Carla maintained this delicate balance. But a jealous act of betrayal and an investigation by a determined lawyer threaten this balance...and her life.

Author Blurb:

Michael Gryboski was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor of arts and then a master's, both in history. In addition to writing fiction, Michael also writes news articles for a living and church hymns and opinion pieces in his spare time. Michael would rather be correct than widely accepted. 

Review Quotes:

"5 out of 5." -Comfy Reading
"We are infatuated with Carla." - Better Read Than Dead
"I couldn't put it down!" - These Magical Pages

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