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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Review: The Reyes Incident by Briana Morgan

The Reyes Incident
by Briana Morgan

Thanks so much to NightWorms for this gifted review copy.

Publish Date: April 30, 2022
Kindle Edition
Genre: Horror

A local legend gone haywire.

A small-town cop.

An impossible eyewitness testimony.

Which is easier to believe—that killer mermaids exist, or that one person is worth risking everything for?

My Review:

GIVE ME ALL THE KILLER MERMAIDS! Yes, yes, yes!  Remember Rolling in the Deep and Into the Drowning Deep?  I fell in love with killer mermaids in those two related books and could NOT turn down THE REYES INCIDENT.  Can you hear the sirens??? 😉

Bloody delightful, Morgan brings us yet another spectacular novella.  This time we get a small-town cop who is on the case talking with Liv - the seemingly only survivor from her and her friends trip to an abandoned bunker that tells the tale of three mermaids trapped inside.  Sure, it sounds like a GREAT idea to go, right?  I mean, would YOU?  I think that I would but also I've read enough horror books to know this is not going to probably end well at ALL.

Honestly, I think I side with the mermaids in this one.  I could've done without the multiple outbursts of love and Andie's weird moves as a cop.  But the deathly visuals and blood spurts made it A-Ok for me!  I'm also going to need a sequel (ahem, ahem, ahem) because WHAT.  W H A T?!  It's like she high fived me down low and I was too slow. I'm legit not quite sure how I feel about this ending. However, what I DO know is that mermaids (killer or not) freaking rule and I'll read about them ALL DAY LONG. Uff, can't wait to see what Morgan has for us next!!


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