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Friday, March 4, 2022

Review: Waif by Samantha Kolesnik

by Samantha Kolesnik

Publisher: Grindhouse Press
Publish Date: December 1, 2021
Kindle Edition
122 Pages
Genres: Horror, Queer, Novella

Angela has everything she thought she ever wanted—a successful husband, a lavish house, and a bottomless fortune.

But the sight of a strange man in a grocery store one night reawakens her dormant sexuality and soon Angela embarks on a dangerous descent into the world of underground pornography and back-alley plastic surgery.

As the stakes get higher, long-buried memories resurface and Angela finds herself enamored with Reena, a fetish film performer. With some help from a queer gang called The Waifs, Angela is forced to make the decision between her unhappy upper-class life and the treacherous world of underground film.

My Review:

What the hell.... How did it go from there to THERE?!  I'm not quite sure what I just read but I kinda like it... I think. Angela doesn't seem to know who she is but she knows she hates her husband, Matt, with his robotic pumping and his very hairy inner thighs.  What she wants is a Ben who likes marshmallows.  She knows she can make him the happiest - not his tanned, very pregnant wife. Nope. 

Who is really the dominant one in this marriage? Maybe she won't do anything and everything to save it but he will most certainly try and that sets off a chain of events that went completely wonky and bizarre and somehow reminded me partially of an episode of AHS Freaks but then also so very unique of how past trauma can create weird new situations.  And how you can get used to ANYTHING if you have to.  Humans are quite freakin' resilient. You just gotta dig deep... even if it's within bloody bodies.

Is this story about trauma? Survival? Awakening sexuality? Bizarre surgeries and fetishes? Yes, yes it is.


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